Xtensor, Glove to Exercise The Muscles of The Hand

Xtensor It’s a glove the purpose of strengthening the muscles hand and facilitate the movement of the same.

To exercise the muscles by opening and closing the hand placed glove, fingers are strengthened, and together, the range of motion is improved.

Facilitate the mobility of the hand It is essential for people who suffer pain due to the Arthritis, as well as individuals who are in the process of recovery are served after a stroke or cerebrovascular accident, as with Xtensor they may be exercised to acquire mobility and strengthen the muscles for prevent loss of lean mass and the body weakness.

Is also a good choice for those who suffer from tennis elbow or for those who wish to relieve the Carpal tunnel syndrome to produce numbness in the Palm of the hand, fingers and wrist.

Studies reveal that Xtensor greatly improves the work of surgeons, dentists, golfers, users of computers, tennis players, or other trades where the hand exerts major movements.

While it’s not very attractive to the eye, the glove only works through natural movements. Therefore gentle exercises that strengthen muscles of the hand and fingers can mean great help in sessions of rehabilitation.

Using the computer or other activities such as weaving or hair have as main working hand tool, this causes, in circumstances, which the extensor muscles of the hand sobreexigidos are.

Therefore, new glove Xtensor can collaborate with us in relaxation and strengthening of our valuable fingers, which will reduce the risk of tendinitis, Carpal tunnel syndrome pain due to other conditions or movements.