WINS Muscle without Using Weights

Whenever we talk about muscle gain or hypertrophy the word weights It is associated, but this is not why, so you can get the right stimulation to increase muscle without having to resort to the weights. The exercises of are or sports such as swimming are an example.

The are uses the weight of your own body as intensity. The push-ups they are a good example of autoload exercise, or the abdominal, squats without extra weight or all types of funds.

Another option is to choose the right sport as we want to win the train top or bottom muscle. The swimming for example, it is a very complete sport to gain muscle, especially in the upper train. Other sports as the paddle tennis or tennis They help to tone lower.

Not by not being pointed to the gym or don’t have some dumbbells at home we have to renounce gain muscle. Everything is possible with exercises or adequate sports.


Will Jogging Make My Muscles Disappear?

Will Jogging Make My Muscles Disappear?