Why Many Campers Do Not Carry Water Chemical?

It is unusual to bring a chemical water in a camper. Often it ignores him space or mistakenly think that stinks. I think it’s a big mistake because the chemical toilet gives us total independence, since there is always a bar or a gas station nearby.

In one of our last outings we met a couple who was traveling in camper. His van was a Mercedes Marco Polo with pop-up roof. Rocked equipment. I was surprised not to bring toilet and asked for it. I said they thought this could smell bad and therefore did not lead him.

I mentioned that u n chemical toilet does not have to smell bad if well maintained and explained how it worked over. I was told that I would think not entirely convinced.

Although we have already talked about in this blog operation of the chemical water (and in fact is the most consulted blog article) we will now focus on its application in the camper.


The vast majority of caravans have chemical toilet . They lack only small (usually those without bath) and renovated in which it has been removed (a big mistake). As for the campers, by old and small, they will always have a bathroom in the cabin.

But in the case of camper vans it is quite the opposite. Only Large Volume sleeping bags (those with a ceiling height of over 2 meters) typically mounted bathroom inside. Sometimes we can find compartments in the van for the toilet and if there are people who run it hidden there.

If it really is so useful and gives us much independence .. why not carry it all? Well, basically, I think, because of ignorance …

Dismantle, now some myths about the chemical water in the camper ..

The Chemical water smells bad.

Totally False. You can even smell good if we use a scented liquid in the tank (usually pink). The blue liquid is responsible for breaking down our waste and neutralize odors. It does so too quickly to get to smell anything.

Takes a lot of space.

Also false. We can keep it in almost any compartment of the van. Usually measured high between 45 and 60 cm and just 40 centimeters wide. Small enough to keep it in the back bunker.

It is very complicated to use.

Not at all. We have already explained its operation . The lower reservoir with a couple of liters of water and a measure of the blue liquid is filled. At the top (tank) water or pink scented liquid and already put. Every time we make our needs will press the corresponding lever to fall to lower deposit and we’ll pull the chain to drop the water in the tank.

The chemical toilet is an expensive product.

Absolutely. What we buy in many superstores type LIDL or ALDI for just over 50 euros or Amazon for just over 60 euros.  In the case of large surfaces have to wait for an offer from the Bazaar section. It is also possible of course find stores caravanning, but usually much more expensive.


Chemical toilets are expensive to maintain and difficult liquids to find.
False too. With a 5 liter bottle we can be up to two years. And we can find them for less than 15 euros. It is true that as in all liquid products also have brand. In this case the king is Thetford, the maker of the vast majority of chemical toilets that are installed in caravans and motor homes. In this case the magnum cost us between 12 and 15 liters. As for the liquids they can be found in many large surfaces in most supermarkets campsites and some petrol stations. And of course the Internet.

They are difficult to empty and can not be done anywhere.

This is a false part and on the other to empty cierto.Para need a pour point that is often present in many petrol stations and in all areas and campsites. Once located is as simple as putting on latex gloves, desenrroscar the cap and empty its contents into the hole, cleaning and rinsing water inside until it comes out clean water. Throughout the process we not oleremos anything unpleasant. 

It is necessary to empty them after each use.

False. The tank typically has a capacity of 16 liters, to which must be subtracted about 2 initial mixing (between blue liquid and water). That will leave us 14 liters, enough for a weekend at least.

I hope to have solved your doubts and that from now ye see with other eyes chemical toilet. They are extremely useful if we go with small children and a camper have the advantage that we can ventilate the passenger compartment in ten seconds simply circulating a moment with the windows open (which is fixed in a caravan at a campsite is impossible).

To buy revise its height and which are not usually adjustable. The higher always better to avoid FITTING.

And if you are a man, but you can urinate anywhere, Solidarízate with your partner and purchase a chemical toilet. Will thank you.


And you? Are you taking a WC Camper Chemist?