Washington State is located in the northwest of the United States and borders the states of Oregon and Idaho as well as Canada to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the west. It covers an area of more than 180,000 km² and has around 7.5 million residents (as of 2018). The capital of Washington is Olympia, but the much larger and better known Seattle is the cultural and economic center of the state.

Washington State Bird and Flower

Largest Counties in Washington by Area

According to Countryaah, the biggest counties in Washington are listed as below:

Ranking County Area
1 Okanogan County 13,644 km2
2 Yakima County 11,127 km2
3 Chelan County 7,563 km2
4 Grant County 6,941 km2
5 Stevens County 6,418 km2
6 Lewis County 6,224 km2
7 Lincoln County 5,985 km2
8 Kittitas County 5,949 km2
9 Ferry County 5,708 km2
10 Whitman County 5,592 km2
11 King County 5,478 km2
12 Whatcom County 5,457 km2
13 Snohomish County 5,405 km2
14 Adams County 4,986 km2
15 Grays Harbor County 4,926 km2
16 Klickitat County 4,848 km2
17 Douglas County 4,711 km2
18 Jefferson County 4,672 km2
19 Spokane County 4,569 km2
20 Clallam County 4,501 km2
21 Skagit County 4,483 km2
22 Benton County 4,403 km2
23 Pierce County 4,325 km2
24 Skamania County 4,289 km2
25 Pend Oreille County 3,626 km2
26 Walla Walla County 3,289 km2
27 Franklin County 3,217 km2
28 Cowlitz County 2,950 km2
29 Mason County 2,484 km2
30 Pacific County 2,416 km2
31 Columbia County 2,251 km2
32 Thurston County 1,870 km2
33 Garfield County 1,839 km2
34 Asotin County 1,647 km2
35 Clark County 1,629 km2
36 Kitsap County 1,023 km2
37 Wahkiakum County 684 km2
38 Island County 541 km2
39 San Juan County 451 km2


The metropolis in the northwest of the USA literally captivates with its urbanity. Lying between the island-rich and widely branched bay of Puget Sound and Lake Washington, you can feel completely at home in Seattle. Southeast of Seattle, about 80 km away, you can marvel at the stratovolcano “Mount Rainier”, which last erupted in 1854. At 4,392 meters, this is the highest point in the Cascade Range, a mountain range in the state of Washington. In summer it is pleasantly mild with maximum temperatures of 25 ° C and in the colder months there is seldom heavy snowfall.

The city has become more famous in the state of Washington for the city’s landmark – the “Space Needle”. The building, originally erected for the 1962 World’s Fair, looks like a UFO from a distance, but is actually the eighth tallest building in Seattle and is visited by almost a million people every year. Seattle is also known as the “Emerald City” to a large number of people. The reason for this is the numerous green spaces that ensure a pleasant cityscape and a high quality of life in and around Seattle. It is not for nothing that Seattle has already been recognized several times as the city with the highest quality of life in the USA.

Companies such as Amazon, Starbucks and RealNetworks have chosen Seattle as the region for their headquarters, which led to an economic upswing. The University of Washington has earned a very good reputation through hard work. The university, which has existed for over 150 years and has over 40,000 students, has since produced numerous famous graduates and several Nobel Prize winners.

Music lovers will find some inspiring stories here. The music style of “grunge” found its origin in Seattle and helped bands like Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Nirvana or Pearl Jam to their success. Jimi Hendrix, named “Best Guitarist of All Time” by Rolling Stone Magazine, was born in the Emerald City and is arguably Seattle’s most famous child.

Location: Northwest, State: Washington, on the Pacific Ocean

Population: approx. 650,000 (metropolitan area: approx. 3.5 million)

Area: 369 km²

Nickname: The Emerald City

history: Seattle was discovered with the arrival of the Denny family at Alki Beach in 1851. After the establishment of the first settlement in the sheltered Elliot Bay two years later became official, the city began to develop. The name is based on the chief Sealth of the Duwamish Indian tribe, who were friends with the settlers and still live in the region today. In the 19th century, Seattle’s population grew steadily and the infrastructure was expanded thanks to the railroad and a port. Trade with Asia and the North Pacific not only strengthened the economy, but also ensured a colorful diversity of the population, as many came to work in the flourishing city. Seattle played an important role in the manufacture of ships in World Wars I and II, Airplanes and other large machines. A population of 500,000 was reached in the 1960’s, where a multitude of different cultures and religions meet.

Cultural / Museums: Seattle Art Museum, Museum of Flight, EMP Museum

Attractions: Space Needle, Pioneer Square, Seattle Center, Columbia Center, Smith Tower

Famous People (Locals / Residents): Jimi Hendrix (musician: singer / guitarist), Bill Gates (programmer / entrepreneur), Kenny G. (musician: saxophonist), Sir Mix-a-Lot (music producer, rapper), Dan Savage (Author, journalist), Kurt Cobain (lead singer)