Vermont is the so-called Land of Green Mountains in the northeastern United States. It is the fourteenth state and one of the smallest in terms of area.

Vermont is a small but extraordinary state in the northeastern United States. It is the 14th state and belongs to the group of New England states. Vermont borders Massachusetts to the south. To the east is New Hampshire and to the west is New York State. In the north is the federal border with Canada with the Canadian province of Quebec. Vermont is the second smallest state in terms of population size. In terms of area, it is the sixth smallest state. The capital Montpelier and Burlington are also among the cities with the lowest population density. Vermont is considered one of the safest states in the US, and in 2016 it was even considered the safest country in the US.

The eventful history of Vermont

Evidence shows that Vermont has been home to people for 12,000 years. The conquerors of America encountered the Mohawk and Abanki tribes. In the 17th century, French colonists first claimed the territory for France. They soon came into conflict with the English colonies on the Atlantic coast. After the Seven Years War, Vermont fell to Great Britain in 1763. In 1777 a group of settlers established the independent Republic of Vermont in the American War of Liberation. The state, also known as the Land of Green Mountains, became the fourteenth US state in 1791.

The Liberal Tradition of Vermont

The Republic of Vermont was the very first state in the New World to condemn slavery. It was also the first state where an African American could graduate from college in 1823. Since 1999 there has been a civil union in Vermont. This emerged from a court order of the Vermont Supreme Court in the Baker vs. Vermont case. Same-sex marriage was also established by law in 2009. Vermont is particularly associated with Senator Bernie Sanders. The Senator is the longest-elected independent politician in the United States. Vermont is also a popular vacation destination: an estimated 15% of buildings in Vermont are vacation homes. The famous Indian Summer attracts tourists as well as the numerous ski areas.

Vermont State Bird and Flower

Largest Counties in Vermont by Area

According to Countryaah, the biggest counties in Vermont are listed as below:

Ranking County Area
1 Addison County 1,995 kmĀ²
2 Windsor County 2,515 km2
3 Rutland County 2,414 km2
4 Windham County 2,044 km2
5 Orleans County 1,805 km2
6 Washington County 1,787 km2
7 Orange County 1,785 km2
8 Bennington County 1,751 km2
9 Essex County 1,722 km2
10 Caledonia County 1,686 km2
11 Franklin County 1,650 km2
12 Chittenden County 1,396 km2
13 Lamoille County 1,194 km2
14 Grand Isle County 215 km2