Urban Fishing Contest in Hamburg-by Angeljoe XS- The Rubber Tanks

On Friday night I went to Hamburg to arrive in time for the barbecue with friends in the Martin’s mega-fishing Center. After an uncomplicated directions I arrived only an hour “Kick-off”. As I expected, the mood was already quite cheerful.

The hospitality of Marcel is really worth mentioning, the barbecue was a “success” in the truest sense of the word.

After a friendly welcome with many familiar faces from the fishing scene, I immediately noticed that some with a small grin eyed my sweater. Fortunately new designs were finished in time for the weekend.

After a long night of Friday to Saturday we all had to crawl willy-nilly early Saturday out of bed. At this point I must thank again Dodo, that he gave us no way to sleep, even though my gratitude could not fully develop in the concrete moment.

When we arrived in time to two minutes before nine in the rubber tanks, the store was already packed. Among the 50 participants of the contest many employees, Angelbegeisterte and other fans had also found its way into the rubber tanks at this time. Each participant was given a nice Starter package with a great selection of fishing equipment. The competition was not only the fishing in the focus, a lot of the points could be earned through other activities such as great city photos, trash collection and other fun tasks. So it was also for me personally not primarily to win the contest, but to enjoy a nice day with friends old and new. Anyway, if I’m completely honest, I don’t really intended to return to Berlin from my first fishing trip in Hamburg as a tailor.

Target was to remain on the DAV waters within the Hamburg city, so I pulled off first with MICAH, and Jeanette and we were looking for a nice spot on the Elbe bridges. As we have seen little action in the first two hours and the eve still vigorously put all into the bone, it was decided to replenish energy reserves for the first time with a burger. The break was again very thoroughly enjoyed, it was 15: 00 already as we again settled at the Elbe bridges. Two hours! Now was suddenly aware that the time could be but scarce. In the strong current, I chose a 21 g Jig head and I had the first strong walleye bite Mr.White of favorite bait, after about 20 minutes at least. Unfortunately, the fish got out after about 10 seconds and my hope for a nice catch within the period waned enormously. I tried it on and 30 minutes before Apfiff I saw how multiple ASP hunted quite close to the surface. I changed 3 spinner immediately on a neon-yellow Mepps and threw in the direction of the hunting ASP.

I made two, three turns wit the role and Bacon – my Rod bent himself! The hardest bite, I have felt for a long time! After the ASP a really great drill had delivered, was reached at some point on the sheet pile wall. As you can see in the video, the water level was so deep, that we had to pretty far down the sheet pile wall NET. Until the ASP had found its way into the net, took a few moments where I was admittedly pretty nervous.

We you can imagine, my joy was huge to be able to catch a 78 rpm ASP (PB, and also the largest fish of the tournament) shortly before the end of the tournament. Once more good to see how can gild a single fish a day.

We made our way back to the rubber tanks and ended the day of fishing with a couple of drinks and snacks. Takatoshi Murase, a friendly on yellow logger from Japan, who is on his second tour of the United Kingdom, joined back to Berlin together with me. In the next few days we will see what can get Taka in Berlin so as to able.

All in all was a completely well-rounded weekend in Hamburg. I have found great new friends, started a super ASP and for sweaters and shirts, there was much positive feedback and some pre-orders!

I am already on a repeat next year and wish you roller rattende on another!