Types of Hypertrophy: Sarcomere and Sarcoplasmatica

It sounds weird, but there is hypertrophy and hypertrophy. According to the objectives that you want to get, we can focus our training into two types of hypertrophy: sarcomere and sarcoplasmatica. What is the difference between both? We will try to explain it briefly and in a way that is understood:

Hypertrophy sarcomere refers to increased muscle contractile proteins (actin and myosin). This implies that fibers (muscle myofibrils) increase in size. This type serves to basically increase the force level and is very resorted in lifting of weight or force athletes in general, since it gives an exaggerated increase in muscle, and that Yes, they are not as aesthetic as the sarcoplasmaticos, which we will now make reference.

Sarcoplasmatica hypertrophy which is based on the increase in muscle plasma, giving a large on less weight than the sarcomere and more aesthetic. The own athletes is fitness and bodybuilders and does not imply an increase in strength. In addition, the majority of this increase in muscle is, basically, water.

In addition, we include a series of short notes on the subject:

< li > general hypertrophy is, obviously, a mixture of the two, cannot be exclusively hypertrophy sarcomere or sarcoplasmatica. < /li > < li > training of high demand for glycogen favor hypertrophy sarcoplasmatica < /li > < li > normally genetics will mark the stop of one or another hypertrophy < / li & gt;

How promoting training of one or the other? For greater hypertrophy training sarcoplasmatica advantage training more conventional bodybuilding, focusing on series 7-8 to 12 repetitions and breaks of between 48-72 hours to return to train the muscle. In the case of training “sarcomerico” we would look very few repetitions of very high intensity (from 2 to 6) and with longer periods of rest.