Trotting Fishing Bait Fish And Pose

Hiking fishing with bait fish is a Variant, because at some point the Köfi floats a hungry robbers before the mouth. The forage fish in the river and Canal are mobile and swim back there for long stretches. The predators follow the…

Fish and are often found in the flowing and free water. To the trotting you fish needed a long, strong and lightweight spinning rod from 3 to 3.30 metres in length. It has a medium-sized stationary role with braided cord. Depending on the role is bigger and flatter, the easier the cord expires at the mounting drives. The cord is at best a stationary pose, lead, vertebrae and a soft steel system with 2 trebles. The pose should be sensitive and small, that can be taken when a drift or small whirlpools not equal in depth.

Fishing Pike-perch with a small bait fish defined by, you can use small, sleek poses of the antenna. For large bait fish for Pike , it is bulbous poses. You get a good Bissau prey along the Canal in the area of the stone packs. In the River, however, the predators are at or below the shore along by Herb benches and water lily fields.

Fishing at the trotting in the river the driving pose works delayed, so that the bait fish moves slightly ahead. Through a stronger braking he rises above Köfi after, there a cord again, he staggers towards the ground. Rule of thumb for the depth of fishing: In the summer flat fishing at cool temperatures we middle fished close to reason in the cold season. The bait fish for predators is offered in the 2-triple system and can be prepared more attractive with an attractant.