With a trip to Vietnam, you will experience the perfect travel country. A trip to Vietnam offers fantastic nature, a very special culture and delicious food – and not least an incredible story that includes old empires, colonial times and countless wars. This has left its mark and makes Vietnam a living history book. The country has a lush nature with mountains, rivers and forest as well as unique rice terraces, which adorn large parts of the landscape, making the country an obvious destination.

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Through many years of experience, we have traveled Vietnam thin. Travel from north to south with our specialists, and experience one of the world’s most welcoming kingdoms. We have found and combined the best travel experiences, which we tailor especially for you. If you go on a trip with Tourist Travel, you will have a hair-raising nature and cultural experience that you will never forget. Read more about Tourist Travel’s trips to Vietnam below and explore countless possibilities for your optimal Vietnam trip.

Practical information

A trip to Vietnam is a completely unique way to experience the Southeast Asian country. Let yourself be captivated by the capital Hanoi, or the country’s largest city Ho Chi Minh City, when we go on a tour of Vietnam. Together we are amazed by the Vietnamese nature, where 75% of the landscape is devoted to mountains and hills. You can also combine your trip with a visit to neighboring Cambodia.

On your journey, we listen to the rice fields dancing in the wind, all the while being captivated by Vietnam’s highest mountain, Fan Si Pan, which rises 3,143 meters to the horizon. Traveling to Vietnam is a life investment. Here you get to know a distinctive culture, and the history of a population that will sweep its legs away from under you. Look forward to a journey beyond the ordinary.

Climate and travel weather in Vietnam

According to Thedressexplorer.com, Vietnam is an incredibly elongated country in Southeast Asia and therefore the climate is not the same all over the country. Northern mountainous Vietnam has a subtropical climate where it is very cool in winter. In southern Vietnam, the climate is tropical with daytime temperatures above 30 degrees.

Vietnam is a good travel country, there are always areas where the weather is good and pleasant and it is therefore possible to visit all year round. Among other things, snow is experienced in the mountainous country far north, while the beaches in the south have over 32 degrees and sun.

Cities in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh

If you travel to the city of Ho Chi Minh, formerly called Saigon, you will experience Vietnam’s largest city. Here the country is at its most dizzying – a city of trade and culture that has propelled the country forward with its pulsating energy.

There live about seven million. inhabitants of Vietnam’s economic and industrial metropolis. Modern high-rise buildings, elegant boulevards and designer shops mingle with street kitchens and traditional attire.


A Vietnam trip should include the capital Hanoi, located on the delta of the Red River – one of the most charming capitals in the East. The city is enriched with acacia trees, green parks and the original East.

Among street alarms, historical periods of French and Chinese occupation are revealed. Not least, Hanoi contains oceans of monuments that paint a picture of the Vietnam War. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is also located in Hanoi.


At first glance, Hué looks like any big city, but the city offers surprising sights. Known as the most royal city in Vietnam, Hué has enough charm to keep you busy.

Along the northern bank of the Perfume River, you will find the imperial city – the walled old town. South of Hué, the ancient royal tombs are experienced. In addition, the city offers some of Vietnam’s best beaches.


Sapa is a mountain town located at an altitude of 1,500 meters. You can get here by bike or on a trek with Tourist Travel. Only just under 9,000 people live here, but the city is extremely popular, due to its enchanting nature.

Sapa is untouched in many ways, with a stunning landscape and diverse ethnic minorities. Come hiking through lush rice fields, visit the village of Cat Cat and meet the friendly H’Mong people.

Mekong Delta

The 4,500-kilometer-long Mekong Delta originates in the Himalayas. On its many branches towards the South China Sea, the Mekong is the lifeblood of more than 75 million people, of whom 15 million live in Vietnam.

Experience the floating market and Vietnam’s largest rice production, as well as idyllic narrow canals. The market sells frogs, fresh pineapple and coconut flour. On the river you can spend the night on a real Asian sampan.

Hoi An

The old French colonial town is particularly characterized by yellow and pastel-colored houses from the 18th century. Hoi An was formerly a strategically important spice town, Frenchmen, Portuguese, Japanese and more came to trade.

Furthermore, here is the famous Japanese bridge, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as the My Son temple complex, which is a small version of Angkor Wat. Look forward to visiting this cozy city.

Cu Chi tunnels