The Police “Fishing” Bikers Offenders, Net in Hand

How would you like if you were hunted, I mean fish, by the police with the novel method of throwing a fishing net to your rear wheel? Sure that the shock and the inevitable wheel lock, does not remove you anyone. That, if you’re lucky and pounds fall by controlling the bike. Immediately I say that it is impossible to use this method. It seems that in Viet Nam, public servants not only they are delighted with the method, but that they have asked their legalization the Vietnamese Ministry. But pass, pass and you can see in detail this heap of nonsense.

Without networks, motorists would have caused chaos in the province. The method does not cause accidents to motorists and minimizes the dangers for the rest of the drivers.

As you can see the statements of Luu Thien Minh, Chief of Thanh Hoa province in the Vietnamese police traffic unit, they leave no doubt of the strong defense of “fisherman method”.

Seems as motorists exceeding the speed limits or committing a traffic infraction, they were neither to the indications of the Vietnamese police nor before his detention methods such as barricades with fences and sacks of straw that they were inefficient. But the idea of being able to stop them pulling to the rear wheel motorbikes fishing nets causing its blockade, replaced the other methods due to its efficiency, regardless of whether in the sudden arrest the motorist could suffer a serious fall.

In addition own agents have qualified this practice as “safe”. But, I have not managed to avoid are the protests of citizens before such nonsense.

Via and photos: The Telegraph