The Different Uses of Rowing in Horizontal Bank

As we have said on countless occasions, when it comes to train in the gym we have exercises that help us to work different parts of our body.  I.e., the same movement will help us to influence a part or another depending on the angle that we use. This is what happens with the rowing at sitting bench, and it is that it is an exercise that adapts to different routines to perfection.

Usually rowing in horizontal Bank has partnered with the training of the dorsal area, and is that it not only has an impact on this part, but depending on how we carry out this exercise we can do more emphasis on one part or another of our back.

The way to carry out the exercise of conventional rowing It is with an open grip in which the palms of the hands are parallel to the arms, in such a way that by raising the weight the elbows move backwards and is the outdoor back area that works. This way of performing the exercise is the most common in training, but there are other forms with them we work different parts of the back in a different way.

Rowing in horizontal Bank can be used for also working the Middle dorsal zone. The way of doing this is using the same method as with the normal paddle. We stand on the Bank earmarked for this exercise, straight back (should be kept as well throughout the year), lar legs stretched with knees slightly bent. In this position asiremos grip with both hands and attract towards us weight with dorsal work with elbows glued to the trunk. If we change the grip and use one closed we incidiremos in the middle of the back.

But not only the dorsal area can be trained with this exercise, but the part of the round bottom can work, as well as all part of the trapezium. So we will carry out the exercise in the same way, the only thing that will change is the angle of shot, i.e. rather than raise the weight with your arms stuck to the trunk we’ll with elevated arms so that they are parallel to the shoulders. Outstretched arms grabbing the grip, which must always be open, and should attract towards us weight without lowering arms, simply by bending the elbows.

In training so we put special interest in charging, that it should not be too high, because in this way the angle of execution of the exercise will not be correct, but we will carry out forced postures that can lead to injury. It is important that we take these exercises perfectly to get the most out of a machine and a single movement.

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