The Benefits of Exercising with XCO – Trainer

The XCO – Trainer was already presented previously at HowStuffWorks. It consists of a tube of anodised aluminium inside which is a moving mass.

This is the secret of XCO – Trainer, since it is not a dead mass as it is the case of normal weights, but here, it acts a moving mass.

This dynamic mass reaches each end of tube in delayed form and points to the muscles the order to produce a voltage.

Thus arises a reactive impact that is the criterion used in the XCO – Trainer training. I.e. the side-to-side motion produces a simultaneous “player” and “opponent”, for example, biceps and triceps tight.

This co-contraction protects the joint and the reactive impact fosters the production of connective tissue cells, which has led to that the aluminum tube with moving mass to be used in revolutionary way not only in training, but also as an instrument of rehabilitation.

An intense workout with XCO – Trainer causes the regeneration of capsule, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue muscle, all key components and to consider at the time of training.

In addition, to strengthen all the parts of the system joint and musculature are reducing the likelihood of injury and at the same time, toning muscles.

There are multiple exercises to perform with the XCO – Trainer that may involve muscles of the upper extremities as well as abdominal and buttocks.

The intensity, duration and type of XCo – Trainer to use varies with the physical form and the purpose of the user, which can only be determined by your personal trainer.

With lower risks and higher results this small product is a revolutionary and ideal complement to the world of fitness.