The 5 Keys to Maximize Muscular Development

As well as men and women differ significantly in capacity to develop the muscle mass, each of us have certain genetic potential which conditions the anabolic process.

But if you’re looking for a proper muscle development that does not harm your health or require “miracles”, because here we will give you the main points to consider to maximize the muscle development genetically determined that.

1. conscious technique: To achieve an optimal muscle stimulation, ideally not exercise automatically but execute the technique deliberately and on a voluntary basis. Anabolic technique we described above at HowStuffWorks.

2. global and localized exercises: You should stimulate, with the training, the release of anabolic hormones as well as growth factors such as insulin (IGF-1) which has been shown to influence greatly on the muscular development.

To achieve such homonal stimulation is necessary to exercise global as dead, pull-ups, squats, weight press banking or other and, at the same time, execute the technique as mentioned previously by checking few or small muscle groups through the exercises localized as biceps with dumbbells, twins, side elevations, and other.

3 series to muscle failure? While the issue is still in research and each possess a different opinion, the ideal is to not generate a severe neuromuscular fatigue, since this will not enable the organism to recover to continue producing high levels of tension in the following series.

So far has not been determined that reach muscle failure further release of anabolic hormones or stimulate the production of growth factors, and these substances are important to achieve adequate muscle development.

4 organise training: It is advisable to plan your training raising objectives, materials and techniques used as well as, the processes used to assess. It is also essential to programming and sequencing training, i.e. timed each objective and its techniques or procedures.

5. proper nutrition: We have already talked about the power that facilitates your daily training, but in addition, it must be in accordance with the utilization of nutrients and should promote recovery and the performance of each one of us.

Ideally, the diet to provide various nutrients, but above all, it is important to keep a contribution of proteins, do not remove the sugars y carbohydrates, properly hydrate and nourish healthy away from our diet junk food that can trigger diseases.

These 5 keys are not only useful for those who wish to wear a body marked, but for all those who carry out exercises regularly that are aimed toning and develop strength, it is necessary to consider times, techniques and their mode of ejercucion, the quality of the training and food that will accompany our exercise with great results.