The landscape of South Carolina is indescribably beautiful. Here you can find secluded islands with white palm-tree beaches, shimmering mountains that guarantee breathtaking views, mystical valleys, crystal-clear lakes that are picturesquely embedded in bright green forests and thundering waterfalls that are formed by wild rivers. The climate is subtropical with wonderfully warm and pleasant temperatures all year round. In spring, visitors can immerse themselves in a sea of ​​blooming flowers, while summer is perfect for a beach holiday. In autumn, the fascinating play of colors in the deciduous forests is particularly worth a visit, and winter, which is also comparatively mild, is very suitable for sightseeing.

The South Carolinians proudly claim “We’ve got it all”. While that may sound like an exaggeration, you are absolutely right. Here the holidaymaker can really find everything his heart desires. Starting with the incredibly impressive landscape to the warm hospitality and the tradition of the “Old South”, South Carolina combines the best of the best. A southern idyll like in the film “Gone with the Wind” is guaranteed here. This is ensured not least by Victorian and colonial mansions and antebellum villas, which are lined up like pearls on a chain, but also by the plantations with their huge cotton fields, caressed by old oak avenues. Furthermore you can find historical cities with quaint marketplaces, a 350 km long coastline that leaves nothing to be desired, lots of entertainment, but also relaxation. Gourmets will especially the traditional Appreciate southern cuisine, which is a culinary highlight here with freshly caught shellfish and excellent steaks from pasture cattle. With more than 360 delightful golf courses located in the Blue Ridge Mountains and on the Atlantic coast, South Carolina is the most popular golf destination in the USA.

So there is only one thing left to say: Welcome to South Carolina! Smiling faces. Beautiful places.

South Carolina is one of the founding states of the USA. Leaving the Union led to the formation of the Confederation, which resulted in the American Civil War.

South Carolina is one of the 13 founding states of the USA. The capital and largest city of the country is called Columbia.

Name, location, and residents of South Carolina

The name of the province of Carolina, which once comprised North and South Carolina, was named after King Charles II of England. Today’s state of South Carolina borders North Carolina and Georgia. In the east the Atlantic forms the natural border. Around 5 million people (as of 2019) live on an area of 82,932 km², which is roughly the size of Austria, including 68.5% white and more than 27% African-American.

Brief History of South Carolinas

South Carolina played a significant role in many important events in US history. The history of the state as a separate territory began in the 18th century when the province of Carolina was split in two. South Carolina was the first colony to declare its separation from mainland England in March 1776. In February 1778, it became the first state to ratify the United States’ first constitution. In May 1788, South Carolina joined the Union as the 8th state. The exit from this in December 1860 gave the impetus for the establishment of the Confederate Union, which led to the American Civil War. The Confederation’s military defeat had disastrous effects on South Carolina. Reconstruction after the war was extremely difficult. Only in the 20th

South Carolina today

South Carolina is one of the economically rather weak states. In terms of real gross domestic product, South Carolina was 45th among the 50 states in 2016. The cultivation of tobacco and cotton are important branches of the economy. Among the industries, the textile industry as well as the chemical and electronic industry should be mentioned in particular. South Carolina is politically conservative. A predominantly rural structure combined with the strong influence of evangelical Protestantism means that traditionally the Republicans are elected. From 1960 to 2016, the Democrats could only win the race twice in elections.

South Carolina State Bird and Flower

Largest Counties in South Carolina by Area

According to Countryaah, the biggest counties in South Carolina are listed as below:

Ranking County Area
1 Charleston County 3,517 km2
2 Horry County 3,250 km2
3 Berkeley County 3,181 km2
4 Colleton County 2,934 km2
5 Orangeburg County 2,922 km2
6 Aiken County 2,797 km2
7 Williamsburg County 2,427 km2
8 Spartanburg County 2,121 km2
9 Georgetown County 2,107 km2
10 Chesterfield County 2,088 km2
11 Florence County 2,082 km2
12 Greenville County 2,059 km2
13 Richland County 1,999 km2
14 Lexington County 1,963 km2
15 Anderson County 1,961 km2
16 Kershaw County 1,917 km2
17 Laurens County 1,875 km2
18 Fairfield County 1,839 km2
19 Jasper County 1,813 km2
20 Clarendon County 1,803 km2
21 York County 1,803 km2
22 Sumter County 1,766 km2
23 Oconee County 1,746 km2
24 Newberry County 1,676 km2
25 Chester County 1,518 km2
26 Dorchester County 1,494 km2
27 Beaufort County 1,492 km2
28 Darlington County 1,469 km2
29 Hampton County 1,458 km2
30 Barnwell County 1,443 km2
31 Lancaster County 1,437 km2
32 Union County 1,336 km2
33 Pickens County 1,326 km2
34 Abbeville County 1,323 km2
35 Edgefield County 1,313 km2
36 Marion County 1,279 km2
37 Marlboro County 1,256 km2
38 Greenwood County 1,199 km2
39 Saluda County 1,197 km2
40 Allendale County 1,070 km2
41 Lee County 1,064 km2
42 Dillon County 1,054 km2
43 Cherokee County 1,028 km2
44 Bamberg County 1,023 km2
45 McCormick County 1,020 km2
46 Calhoun County 1,015 km2