Some Aerobic Activities Proposal in Summer

When approaching the summer all we put hands to work to lose those extra pounds that have been gaining over the winter. It is true that the diet and follow a healthy lifestyle is critical, but so is sport, and especially a type of sport, the aerobic. Us in this post we want to stop us in the best aerobic exercises for weight loss.

The mix of aerobic exercise with anaerobic It is the best way to maintain your weight, but above all must be borne in mind that aerobic exercise will help us to achieve this much faster. That is why we want to stop us this time in disciplines that have more hand and that will help us to achieve good results.


One of the stars when it comes to losing weight by burning calories is the spinning. This activity you get is we do burn calories through activity conducted by a monitor for about fifty minutes. The spinning will work all over our lower train and thus we will be able to activate most metabolism and burn calories. It is a good way to get it, since the intensity of the sessions will be high and thus burning calories.

The race

Secondly we will highlight the race. It is one of the most popular activities of aerobic exercise. With the race we manage to improve the general condition of the organism while we burn calories quickly and healthy. It is a good way to relieve tensions and of being in contact with nature, since we can go running outdoors and thus maximize the effect of the activity.

Group classes

Other aerobic activity that will help you to burn calories and reduce body weight are the group classes as the batuka, the step. Aerobics… All of them are focused on fun while we consume calories in our body. These activities are very popular at this time of the year, and most gyms offer them, are one of the most popular activities at this time, and is that one hour we will be fully active toning our body with different activities.

Step in machine

Finally we will highlight the step machine, It is to climb stairs. It is a good aerobic exercise. It is true that it is less intense than the race or the spinning, but it is very effective to work the undercarriage and burn calories. It is true that these are just an example of aerobic activities most common, since there are many more that will help us to get the body of summer, we are looking for.