Routine Type to Get Some ABS of Iron

Many are that when it comes to sit-ups are lost and don’t know how to route different exercises for the best results. For this reason we are going to propose a routine on floor for all those who want to have a flat and well shaped abdomen.

First of all let’s separate exercises by areas of action. For this reason we will begin by the of the lower part of the abdominal muscles. First we will perform a few placed shrinks back, hands stretched under the back with legs elevated with bent knees, so that we do not sobrepasemos with knees hip. In this position, we will make forty repetitions followed by slowly and twenty quick at the end of the forties. Let’s try to touch your chest with your knees, so that we notice the tension in the abdominal area.

He then will make elevations of pelvis. It is important that your back stays stuck to the ground, and make the abdomen which hold the thrust of the exercise. We must elevate the legs straight up to the height we can. We will make forty slow repetitions and twenty quick. It is important that we focus everything we can on the part of the abdomen avoiding strenuous movements.

Then make a Office of transition, Since it involved almost all of the abdominal wall, it’s the kick of frog, that we will be resting on the floor with the legs and trunk high, will be the single point of support the back and hands. In this position we will carry your knees touching the chest. It is a complicated exercise, but with great results. We will make forty slow repetitions and twenty quick.

To work the area of the oblique We will side elevations with the trunk facing, i.e. stand lying face-up, shrink the legs against the chest and turn them to one side. In this position and without bending the trunk we raise. We will make twenty slow lifts and other twenty more quickly. We should perform this exercise on both sides to work the two zones of the oblique.

He then will make side elevations of oblique where we will post side with your legs toward your chest and we will raise the side area of the trunk. It is important to influence well in this area, and so we will perform 10 reps slow and fast thirty per side.

To work the upper abdominal area We will perform elevations of trunk with legs elevated. If we raise them all the intensity will be greater, so that we can fold them in half, or place the feet on the ground. We must pay special attention to not to bend the neck to the height of the neck, but that we need to propel us with the upper abdominals. We will make fifty slow repetitions and twenty quick.

Another exercise that we will carry out to work the upper part of the abdominals are concentrated trunk lifts. Consists of performing lifts but by placing the legs stretched all the way forward. In this position we will rise trunk while keeping your back straight and holding a few seconds with the retracted abdomen, so that we notice all the tension in the work area. We will make fifty slow repetitions and twenty quick.

Is important that at the end of this routine We focus well the abdominal and lumbar area with exercises that we can also be in soil, in machine or with weight I die, because we must maintain a balance between both parts of the body work.