Remo in Horizontal Bar, a Good Way of Working The Back

When we train the back we tend to always perform the same exercises and similar routines. As we have said on numerous occasions, it is important that we avoid the muscle get used to a series of exercises, why we must innovate, and a way of doing this is to include exercises that are not used too much and that can give us very good results. An example of this is the rowing at horizontal bar.

Beam is a machine which is not in all the rooms of bodybuilding gyms, but ourselves can create us. It is a machine with a bar anchored to the floor upon which we place a weight and will rise as a rowing with the dorsal.

Work back in this device is very beneficial to strengthen the dorsal area. Depending on the grip use more incidiremos in one part or another, since if we chose us one closed the inner part of the back will work more. If on the contrary we chose one more open we incidiremos more in the outer zone of the dorsal fin. But that Yes, must take into account the implementation of the exercise, since with this machine, we isolate the dorsal perfectly, but when work correctly.

This exercise is not to nothing for beginners, that to do this we must have perfect control of posture and our body. First of all dorsal must be that hold all the thrust of the exercise, and therefore we must maintain a good posture. How to well perform the exercise will be put us in front, with your knees bent, the keep your back straight, chest out towards the front and the rear back. In this position we mustn’t machine and lift the weight while maintaining the position.

Along the whole the only part that should move are arms, but in a way that is a bit special, since we need to start with them stretched down gripping jaws, and urgency that elevate them to the back to the waist and sticking your arm to the trunk. We must bend the elbow to get to focus all the thrust back, because we must avoid arms that can withstand the force of the exercise.

It is important to make it well, always maintaining the correct stance and isolating the most. For this reason we must prevent too load weight, since the poor posture may eventually damage the lumbar area which is where will focus the entire weight. If we dont have this machine in our gym we can do it with the help of a long bar and a companion that will keep one fixed to the ground and the other end will weight and with a closed grip will carry out the exercise.