President Dilma Officially the Day Fishing Engineer

On 14 December this year will be celebrated in Brazil, for the first time in official form, the national day of Fishing engineer

The honor was granted the civic calendar Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, the sanction of law nº yesterday 12,820, disclosed today (6 June) in the Official Gazette.

The national day of the engineer of fishing is traditionally celebrated in Brazil on 14 December. The date recalls the graduation of the first group of engineers of fishing in Brazil, in 1974, in Pernambuco.

Currently the Country has 22 fishing Engineering courses, in States like Pernambuco, Bahia, Pará, Amazonas, Parana, Santa Catarina, Espírito Santo and São Paulo. Soon will have another two courses, one in Paraiba and another in Paraná. With the initiative of Paraíba all Northeastern States will count with courses in the specialty. The load time of fishing Engineering comprises a total of 3,200 to 3500 hours.


For Elizeu Brito, President of the National Federation of Fishing engineers (FAEP-BR), official recognition of date that honors the Professional represents the “crowning achievement” of the efforts that are being made to enhance the profession.

The profession of engineer of fishing has tremendous future in Brazil, who hold 13% of the fresh water on the planet and a coastline of 8,400 kilometers long.

According to Brito, Brazil has today about 5000 fishing engineers, but this number is insufficient “this number needs to be bent urgently,” alert, whereas the pace of expansion of the national aquaculture, on the order of 10%. By way of example, he points out that only the use of Serra da Mesa Reservoir, in Goiás, for the cultivation of fish, would require a total of 500 engineers.

The country has almost 200 major reservoirs conducive to the development of fish farming, as studies of the Ministry of fisheries and aquaculture (MPA). This unassuming production potential on the coast and in tanks dug in rural properties.

The FAO estimates that the potential for the production of fish is on the order of 20 million tons per year. The Crop Plan for fisheries and aquaculture, launched by President Rousseff, has the goal of achieving 10% of this potential by the end of 2014, when production is expected to reach 2 million tons, of which 50% from aquaculture activity.

The FAEP-BR President thanked President Dilma’s commitment and the Minister Marcelo Crivella to officially become December 14 National Fisheries engineer.