Poland’s sympathetic Poznan, halfway between Berlin and Warsaw, is one of the country’s oldest cities. The destination of Poznań may be unknown, but the 2012 European Football Championship is fascinating with its history and leisure opportunities.



At birthplaces in Poland

The Polish state originated in the Poznan region in the 9th century, when Christianity arrived in the country. Poznań was initially the most important city in Poland, but quickly lost its position to Krakow.

The long history can be seen in Poznan as buildings and monuments of different eras. The German trend is particularly strong in architecture. Poznan belonged to Germany from the 18th century until the end of the First World War.


Student city and financial center

Poznan is one of the largest student cities in Poland and an important economic center. International Fair events attract business people to the city throughout the year. In addition to students and the economy, Poznan is known for football: the city plays the European Championships 2012 and the football team Lech Poznan is one of the most famous in Poland.

As a city, Poznan is quite international, and young people in particular speak good English. Poznanians are helpful and accustomed to foreigners. The level of service is generally good, and the prices are affordable for Finns.



Experience these in Poznan

  1. Follow the traditional noon declaration in front of City Hall, where two mechanical goats step out of the City Hall wall to hit their heads together.
  2. Walk through Poznan’s The Royal Imperial Route, which transports you from one main attraction to another. The brochure for the route can be found in the tourist information of the Old Town Square.
  3. Visit Poznan’s huge Cytadela Park, which once housed the strongest part of Poznan’s fortifications.
  4. A trip to the old concentration camp on the outskirts of the city, Fort VII, which now serves as a museum.
  5. Shop at the specialty shopping center Stary Browar, which has been restored to the premises of an old brewery.

Five cafes in Poznan

  1. Zielona Veranda – According to many, the most comfortable café in Poznan, decorated with countless paper birds, plants and other decorations. Paderewskiego 7.
  2. U Przyjaciół – A special kind of café hidden in the courtyard next to the theater and library. The café is decorated with theater and antiques. Red curtains provide privacy. Mielżyńskiego 27/29.
  3. Cacao Republika – A two-storey café specializing in cocoa in the heart of Poznan with an intimate atmosphere. Zamkowa 7.
  4. Cafe Sensacja – A small brick-walled café in the basement with an amazingly wide menu compared to the size of the café. Marcinkowskiego 16/6.
  5. Cafe Sekret – A sympathetic café hidden in the basement of the Old Town, where you can often hear the piano. Sieroca 5/6.

Five bars for the evening

  1. Dragon – One of the city’s most popular multi-storey bars, with facilities ranging from a small dance floor in the basement to comfortable sofa rooms on the upper floors. In summer, a large courtyard terrace and occasional music performances. Zamkowa 3.
  2. Proletaryat – A bar decorated with statues, posters and other objects from the socialist period. Soviet headwear can be borrowed from the bar counter. Wrocławska 9.
  3. W Starym Kinie – The name of the intermediate form of a multi-storey bar and club means “in an old cinema”. The premises have previously belonged to a cinema. Nowowiejskiego 8.
  4. Za Kulisami – Looking for a nice bar full of books and culture? For Za Kulisam, the search ends. Wodna 24.
  5. Fort Colomb – A bar restored to an old fortress structure with a special atmosphere. In summer, a nice terrace. Ulica Powstanców Wielkopolskich.