Powerbag: Alternative for Dumbbells or Halteras

It is curious as if we stop to think, to conduct an exercise with weights we can replace these by a multitude of gadgets. The latest in see the light is Powerbag, basically a bag full of sand that provides the strength necessary to perform your toning or muscle-building exercises, but has certain peculiarities which we shall describe below.

Is made with a flexible and soft material, If we fall so far in favor of the safety of the athlete. You can include in the more or less weight, which does not limit to this tool to only a same intensity. Sand casting hardly occupies weight, space and it can be easily transported from one place to another.

To be a free weight, will create some instability in the uprising, which will play in favor of the the stabiliser muscles workthe main movement s to execute the gesture. That’s why it is often used in certain disciplines of high performance work force not only, but also of the technical gesture.

As in any physical activity, the key is to choose a type of adequate and varied exercises to perform with the Powerbag and who follow a progression in intensity and difficulty. I do not see it as sole and exclusive remedy for the work force, but if that is good to introduce this variability, so important in training our muscles to work different otherwise.

Most uncomfortable that I can see is to fill the arena Powerbag or similar because it is not included, can be a little cumbersome especially if we are in the city, there is no question go to a work to ask Sandy. However a good idea more to add variety to our training.