On the northeastern coast of the United States is New Jersey, the fourth smallest US state. Neighboring states are New York, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

New Jersey is a state on the US east coast

New Jersey is on the north east coast of the United States. The fourth smallest US state is home to almost 9 million people. The so-called Garden State spreads over 19,000 kmĀ² on the North American coast. New Jersey borders the US states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New York. The state with its Atlantic coast has the highest population density of any US state. As the capital of New Jersey, Trenton has a population of over 80,000.

New Jersey – the early settlement history of the northeastern state

Before the arrival of Western European settlers, the area of what is now New Jersey was mainly inhabited by the native American Lenape population, which consisted of several self-sufficient tribes and groups, some with matriarchal structures. New Jersey’s colonial era began with the arrival of Dutch settlers in the early 17th century. Together with what is now New York, the area formed the colony of New Netherlands, which was the scene of central battles of the Revolutionary War.

New Jersey as the founding state of the United States
British influence on the colony increased as early as the 17th century, and around 1775 there were around 120,000 settlers in New Jersey. New Jersey achieved national importance for a short time because of the first government of the United States, which was based in the cities of Princeton and Trenton between 1783 and 1784. New Jersey is one of the 13 founding members of the United States, at the beginning of the 19th century slavery was officially abolished, New Jersey was the last northern state to implement it. The proximity to major cities such as New York make the New Jersey area an important metropolitan area in the northeastern United States.

New Jersey – Cities and Landmarks of the Garden State

The largest cities in New Jersey are Newark (about 281,000 residents), Jersey City (about 260,000 residents) and Paterson (about 145,000 residents). On the border with New York is Highpoint, the highest point in the northeastern state at 550 meters.

New Jersey State Bird and Flower

Largest Counties in New Jersey by Area

According to Countryaah, the biggest counties in New Jersey are listed as below:

Ranking County Area
1 Burlington County 2,085 km2
2 Ocean County 1,647 km2
3 Atlantic County 1,453 km2
4 Sussex County 1,349 km2
5 Cumberland County 1,267 km2
6 Monmouth County 1,222 km2
7 Morris County 1,215 km2
8 Hunterdon County 1,114 km2
9 Warren County 927 km2
10 Salem County 875 km2
11 Gloucester County 842 km2
12 Middlesex County 805 km2
13 Somerset County 790 km2
14 Cape May County 660 km2
15 Bergen County 606 km2
16 Mercer County 585 km2
17 Camden County 575 km2
18 Passaic County 479 km2
19 Essex County 326 km2
20 Union County 267 km2
21 Hudson County 122 km2