As a country located in Southern part of Asia featured on Countryaah, the country of Sri Lanka offers unique nature experiences no matter where you visit the national park. Huge flocks of elephants, marvelous natural scenery and open plains that continue beyond the reach of the eye await the tourist. Explore the three magnificent national parks below.

Yala National Park – one of the oldest national parks

Yala National Park - one of the oldest national parks

Exciting forests and bush landscapes. Shallow ponds, grassy terrain and impenetrable jungle. Everything can be found in Yala National Park in southeastern Sri Lanka – and the closest neighbor to the park is the Indian Ocean.

Yala National Park is one of the oldest and most famous national parks in Sri Lanka and definitely worth a visit. In addition to its respectable age and reputation, Yala is also the island’s second largest national park.

The park is nearly a thousand square kilometers in size – exactly 978.807 km2 – and is home to 44 different mammal species and more than 215 different bird species. Here you can encounter monkeys, buffaloes, leopards, elephants and crocodiles, for example.

One of the most popular sites in the national park is the old temple called Sithulpahuwa. The temple is said to have been home to nearly 12,000 monks throughout its history. The name Sithulpahuwa comes from the word Chittalapabbata, which means “the hill of a peaceful mind”.

Horton Plains – a view of the ends of the earth

Horton Plains - a view of the ends of the earth

Horton Plains National Park rises 2100-2300 meters above sea level. The park, which exudes peace and quiet, is located in the central highlands of Sri Lanka, just 165 km from the capital Colombo.

The National Park’s stunning Natural Landscapes range from pristine grasslands to fascinating cloud forests. The location of the park in the central highlands has a significant impact on the climate of the area. Humid and cool weather is favorable for the diverse flora and fauna of the national park.

The largest species in the Horton Plains is the samba deer. Here you can also come across langur monkeys, deer and giant squirrels as well as wild boars, black-necked hares and rare leopards. The national park is home to 24 mammal species and 87 bird species.

The biggest attraction of Yala National Park is the Lookout Point called World’s End. The park ends completely unexpectedly on a steep rocky slope, from the edge of which you can see a distance of more than a kilometer straight to the ground. The view makes the bottom of the stomach itch, but the environment that exudes silence happily calms the mind.

Minneriya National Park – The Elephant Gathering

Minneriya National Park - The Elephant Gathering

Wetlands, wetlands and green forests characterize the scenery of Minneriya National Park in northern Sri Lanka. However, the area is dominated by a sovereignly impressive artificial lake called Minneriya Tank. The lake is the source of life for the whole park, especially during the dry season.

Minneriya National Park is one of the best places in Sri Lanka to see elephants. During the dry season, elephants migrate to Minneriya in search of drinking water. This phenomenon, where hundreds of elephants arrive on the shores of an artificial lake, is called “The Elephant Gathering”. The park has been attracting elephants for hundreds of years to drink, bathe and spend time with each other. Gathering huge herds of elephants in one place is a unique experience.

Elephants are the main attraction of the national park, but when you visit the park you can also see a lot of other animals such as crocodiles, deer, monkeys, buffalo and very rarely leopards and bears as well.

If the island’s unique and fabulous national parks impressed, why not embark on an unforgettable trip to Asia with fascinating Sri Lanka?

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