Most Successful Pike Perch-Part 2-Carolina Rig And Dropshot Fishing Methods

Whether rig or drop shot, both methods extend Carolina to catch your repertoire of possible changes of tactics to Zander. As I mentioned in part 1 of this report, of course same goes for these methods: “Practice makes perfect”! At the moment, the conditions are optimal to fish on walleye (at least on the Havel).

First, I explain the Carolina rig method. The Carolina rig comes from the USA and is used mainly to catch largemouth bass. I have on largemouth bass fishing even several years in Zimbabwe, and very often applied the

Carolina rig. Since I live in Berlin, I stayed still loyal to my popular Carolina rig, and several capital Pike-perch and perch so caught up In the principle is very similar to the lazy technique (see part 1 of this post) the bait, the biggest difference in the mounting of the Angel. With the Carolina rig the bullet runs lead on the braided cord, there is a scene at the end of the braided cord (between braided and Monfilschnur), that prevents that the lead is down to the hook. In addition comes after the bullet lead a bead on the braided cord, thus creates a charming “Clack” – noise, when throwing the lead against the Pearl. I do about 70cm and 0.3 mm monofilament at the end of it and use an offset of the Barbless hook. There are quite a few lures on the Carolina rig, many have long cancerous forms and provide the fuss in the water. In strong currents, I can recommend the Carolina rig really this should be very slowly the bait.

Personally, I have learned the drop-shot method about 4 years ago. When mounting, do I connect again approximately 70cm monofilament to the braided main line (for this I use a small Vortex) and attach a special drop-shot lead at the end of the monofilament line. Approximately 40 cm above the lead do I fasten the offset hook directly to the monofilament line and use a Palomerknoten for it. (See video how to tie a Palomerknoten from 01.11.13). To do this, you can use special drop-shot bait, but all my best catches were up to now on conventional Jig lures, special cavities city tailed after the ejection of the bait I wait till is the lead on the ground. In principle enough then keep it very light pulling the rod, always with the cord taut. When obtaining of bait on it, make sure to make things extremely slow. The special feature of the drop shot is one much longer can present at the same place the bait because the lead is below. Normally it must now beat in the pike perch bite, but the drop shot is better just to wait and then to strike.

I hope these tips have helped some and I can safely say that more diversity of fishing is more fun and to catch more fish. I’m looking forward to your feedback and your comments. See you soon, and until then I wish you all appreciate the roles!