Military Style Anorak Recycled Nylon Starting from Fishing Nets

Ecoalf, the Spanish brand of international reference in the sector of clothing and fashion accessories made from recycled materials, offers us a wonderful military-style garment made of recycled technical nylon starting from fishing nets abandoned.

And it is tough fishing nets are some of the raw materials most desired by the innovative fashion brands that are committed by the tendency of recycling to a new generation of conscious consumers.

It is of a anorak of feathers reversible and lightweight. Fill down with high insulating capacity. It has a hood, hidden pockets in seams, cuffs and low. This stylish garment with double personality is made with 390 grams of recycled fishing nets. Probably the best nylon world.

Sold for €225,00. Also available in other combinations of colour (yellow, red and orange) for the same price. For those who do not require a camouflage garment. Even if it is reversible.