Lumbar Sprain: a Risk for Weight Lifters

We all know that lifting heavy loads may have its risks, and among them, include the lumbar sprain, a lesion involving the tendons and muscles of the lower back and can cause severe pain in sufferers.

Often occurs a lumbar sprain in sports involving sharp turns back (golf, baseball, or basketball) or activities that require pushing or pulling against a high resistance, as it is the case of the weight lifting or football.

Among the factors that favour the development of a lumbar sprain that is characterized by a sharp pain in the lower back when the specific activity is carried out, are: having lumbar lordosis, pelvis tilted forward, paravertebral muscles weak and inflexible, little distensibles hamstrings and a weak abdominal muscles.

Those who suffer from a lumbar sprain detect it to push, pull or turn your back, when they feel a sudden back pain that allows you to continue with the exercise at first but after a few hours, the pain becomes more intense and gets worse with movements being strongly disabling.

After a sprain occurs, general to take and is the measure rest, apply cold compress the affected area. And in stage of rehabilitation as well as to prevent, it is strengthen the abdominal and paravertebral muscles, at the same time stretching of the muscles that make up the middle of the body carried out.

If we take care to not forget the middle of the body, and keep it strong and flexible, the odds of suffering a lumbar sprain are minor, as this part our body central will support more and will help us to correct incorrect postures.

We must not forget that although not be perceived, the strong abdomen helps to stabilize your back and exercises to stretch and strengthen the back are fundamental to produce safe and effective movements.