Let’s Not Forget The Weights to Reduce Body Fat

Body weight is a global indicator of a person’s nutritional state, but most importantly, know that this weight is fat, already that this component in excess may harm health.

For a long time we think that the best way of burn fat It was to perform aerobic exercises, however, a new mechanism involved in the strength training It demonstrates that lifting weights also contributes to lose body fat.

In the journal Cell Metabolism has published a study in Boston says that when the muscle is hypertrophy be able to reduce body mass and normalize many metabolic values that enhance health.

The mechanism by which lifting weights helps burn fat involves the muscle fibers of type II, which are contracted froma fast and are capable of lifting heavy loads for a limited time.

These fibers are developed and the muscle hipertrofie with strength training, you need sobreexpresar the gene that encodes the protein Akt1.

This protein as well as contribute to the process of Bodybuilding, It is involved in metabolic processes that reduce body fat by reducing the size of fat cells and promote the metabolism of glucose and insulin.

The study found the effect of this protein in mice which removed the molecule and in addition to losing muscle, the animals their growth, lost protection grease and is altering the levels of glucose and insulin.

The research allows us to discover the importance of training our muscles to gain in health to the reduce fat mass and its consequences in the body.

For this reason, our organism to work in harmony and not suffer diseases ideally combining a healthy diet with training that includes, not only aerobic exercise, but also anaerobic. Let us not forget the weights to reduce body fat!