A scenicThe La Mauricie National Park is a particularly attractive park. It is one of the 43 national parks and preserves in Canada and is located in the Laurentine Mountains of the province of Québec.
La Mauricie National Park was established in 1970 and covers a total area of ​​536 square kilometers. Geologically seen the park area belongs to the southern Canadian shield.
This in Eastern Canada Located area borders on the St. Lawrence River. In addition, there are around 150 lakes and many smaller ponds in the entire park area.

Naming of the La Mauricie National Park

The decisive factor for the current name of the facility is the Saint Maurice River, which meanders across the park in the east. So it was decided to name the entire park after that.

Beautiful landscapes and pure nature

You naturally expect a lot of fresh air, wild animals and numerous wild plants when you enter a national park. But this one has so much to offer of everything that one sometimes has the feeling of being in another world.
The original and untouched landscape is impressive. Cities are very close. The La Mauricie National Park is not far from the major cities of Montréal and Québec City.
In the La Mauricie National Park, visitors will find traces of the last ice age, which created the fascinating landscape with its icy forces. The worn granite walls can be found everywhere here. The area is particularly known for its many bodies of water. Whether large lakes or smaller ponds, especially water dwellers and bank plants feel at home here. Lined with mixed forest, this mixture of water, forest and mountains offers a varied sight.
The Laurentine Mountains are overgrown with mixed forests and have a wonderful variety of flowers in the meadow regions. The splendor of colors in autumn, when the mixed forest turns its leaves orange-brown, is an impressive natural spectacle. From a distance, the forest regions sometimes appear like luminous surfaces.

Leisure time in

the park There is a lot to do here if you visit the park. The park team has a whole range of sporting offers compiled. Among other things, hiking, fishing, cycling, horse riding and climbing are popular here. Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling are also very popular. Ice fishing and ice climbing are becoming more and more popular. A trip by canoe or boat is particularly recommended given the abundance of water.
The park is one of the most popular among trekking and hiking fans. Even inexperienced people will find great routes with beautiful views of the landscape here. Especially from the viewpoints on the 60 km long panoramic road, you can see the deserted expanse of the Canadian shield and get a feel for what width and size really mean.

The Lac Wapizagonke is one of the most beautiful canoeing areas in Québec. The area with the uninhabited islands and lonely beaches is also ideal for outdoor trips lasting several days.

Animals in the La Mauricie National Park

In addition to the beautiful and impressive landscape, visitors can also discover some of the protected animals. Among other things, moose, beavers who occasionally build dams, black bears and numerous water birds have settled here. Frogs and fish are particularly common in the pond regions.

La Mauricie National Park