It Works Different Muscles with Squats Just by Changing The Feet

The squat It is one of the most classic exercises in the gym, and therefore, we must make use of its variants to diversify the routine and take advantage of the work on different muscles which can be requested.

A few days ago, our colleague Delgado showed us the different types of squats and today, we show you how you can work different muscles just by changing the position of the feet When performing squats.

If feet put them separated from the width of our shoulders, located one parallel to each other, when performing the squat are applying to a greater extent the quadriceps, the buttocks, the hamstrings and to a lesser extent the abdomen.

However if we put together a little more feet, stability will be lower and the intensity of the exercise will be larger, still worked mainly the quadriceps muscles and abductor.

On the other hand, if we make the squat with feet further apart and tip them out, we will be requesting more muscles on the inside of the thighs, i.e., adductor, to a lesser extent quadriceps and gluteal.