It Confirms That Electrical Stimulation Increases The Strength and Muscle Volume

The electro-stimulation It consists of the electrical stimulation of the motor nerve, which excites the muscle and causes the contraction of the same.

The electrical stimulation It has been very questionable and controversial since its inception to the present, perhaps because until now there was a solid scientific foundation on which it has recruited support us.

But now, a recent study in the Journal of Sports Medicine found that their isolated application allows a gain of force and muscle volume up to 9%.

Is also points out that if stimulation is used simultaneously to the plyometric training, one that is characterized by explosive force, is significantly improves the ability to jump and sprint of the athletes.

To arrive at these conclusions was evaluated to 40 male physical education students for a month and divided them into 4 groups: one of them only work with EEM, another only with plyometrics, another group combined both methods and the 4th group constituted the group control with which no method was used.

In the two groups used EEM applied program explosive strength in the quadriceps, 4 days per week during the study period.

Were made during the investigation, test of physical conditions to determine maximum capacity of voluntary isometric contraction and its muscle mass.

At the same time, applied tests of jump and sprints from 20 meters at the beginning of the training, at the end with them and 2 weeks after completing the study.

Apparently, the results are visible, electro-stimulation has shown that it contributes to the increase of muscle mass and strength.

But it must be made clear it is only an aid, because it does not replace the physical training but collaborates with him in muscle development, performance and strength.

This study is useful to clarify all the doubts about the Ma and its effectiveness.