How Stuff Works Responds: Mixed Routine to Train Chest

In previous post talked about joint training routines in which the superseries mingle with series descendants to work together the strength and muscular endurance at the same time that we get the most out of our fibers.

For this reason, we will delve into examples for different routines suitable for each muscle group. In particular we will see some examples of such as work your chest with mixed routines that we are going to mix exercises of superserie with repetitions-descendants series refers and ascending in what weight and intensity refers.

It is essential before beginning a workout routine heat the area to work. Make smooth movements to tone the muscles will be part of this warming while we’re going to stretch the part that comes into action. We have to spend setting 15 minutes to heat thoroughly each party to avoid injury and discomfort.

When setting a training need that Choose exercises that work all of the muscle group. In this case we will start training the chest with an exercise of pectoral in inclined bench to work the upper part of the chest. It will be an exercise that combines the superserie with the descending series. To do this we will begin with a medium load, environment to 60%. We will perform 4 series of 12-10-8y 6 repetitions slowly and contracting well push-up. In each series, we increased the weight up to the maximum in the last six repetitions. Immediately afterwards, and without rest we reduce load to carry out a series of 12 repetitions, back to lower the weight and conducted another series of 12 repetitions.

The following exercise will be pectoral in horizontal bench press. In this exercise we will work force through a series of descending in repetitions and ascending in charge. We will use a moderate weight to start and perform 4 of 10-8-6 / 6 Rep on. In each one of them we increase the weight up to the maximum in the last two. If it is necessary we will ask assistance to your training partner or monitor.

Finally we will make three exercises followed as superserie, Since the break between the two should not be too long. With this we will work the muscle endurance as well as contribute to fat burn and get a higher quality fibers. Three exercises chosen for these superseries will be openings of pectoral muscle machine, openings of pectoral muscle in pulley and open pull-ups.

To perform the superseries we must carry out each exercise 4 sets of 10-12 reps each, i.e., we will first make a number of openings in machine, followed by openings in pulley and followed by open-grip Chin-up. We must not rest almost nothing between each exercise, since what we have to do is work followed. To do the workload will be medium, as it is important for running each exercise correctly for the most in the worked area.

The routine is finished we have to stretch each part worked well to help muscle recover as soon as possible. Stretching will help eliminate muscle tension and improve blood flow by facilitating the reception of nutrients into the muscle fibers.