How It Affects Our Amount of Muscle Fiber in The Development of The Muscles

Many times we have heard that most tall people have more difficulties in winning the lowest muscle. Actually this statement is meaningless, since the possibilities are the same, the only difference is in the type of training to be.

It should take into account that Genetics is very important in achieving a well developed muscles. Stature is one of these points that goes to determine the type of muscular development that I will have. The muscles of tall people tend to be more elongated and contain more fibers the of people lower, which are more concentrated. This is what we have to pay attention to the form of training in each case.

There much more concentration of fibers in one muscle more intensity need you to apply. This is something that happens to everyone, since as we are acquiring volume and develop muscles we need to apply new forms of training or greater loads to get a greater stimulation of all fibers. Something similar happens in people who have greater natural muscles.

Larger muscles are easier to deal with loads, so the intensity has to be increased so that the effect is the same as that experienced by people who have one lower concentration of muscle. An example that illustrates well this is what happens to us when we started to practice sport. The first months results are surprising, since we went from muscles without just density and short fibre, to encourage them to grow.

Anything we do above the usual effort unfold, since we are encouraging them. But the problem is that when we already have a considerable muscle mass we have to continue stimulating it to increase. This is what happens to some people who have a few more muscles and more fibers. It is not that less developed, but that intensity must be increased, so it sometimes costs them more get more strong and toned muscles.

There are many ways to increase the intensity, one of them, and the most widely used is increase the, but it is not the only, and vary the workout routines periodically to influence in one way or another in the muscle fibers is important. Certainly adapt exercises to each individual and the characteristics of the product is important, because there is no general routines that can be applied to everyone equally, as each of us has a type of muscles.

From now on when we attend to the gym to train we must bear in mind the type of muscle fibres that we have. Muscle size is important, since a greater concentration of fibres more intensity in training them for this way better results. Why not we should overlook this point it is important to know where we should start training our muscles.