Gone Fishing, Goodbye Until Soon MotorpasióN Moto

And the day came. Not perhaps no surprise given my continued absence around here lately but the month of July, in just a few days, I will put end to this beautiful stage under the umbrella of Motorpasión motorcycle and WeBlogs SL. At age 27 I take a break and I retire this circus to spend more time with the family in my mansion of Switzerland… Oh no, wait, that’s Casey Stoner. It would kill me leave this world and savings not come to me nor to the Stoner Cap.

I do not I retire and I’ll keep making war elsewhere. However, I am writing to thank you for these years of shared passion, debates and rivalries. I also have to thank that so many of you have read me; You can not imagine vertigo when you realize the audience to which you can get (a timely article was half a million in four days!). Thank you for these six seasons for this community that still shows signs of an iron health even in the most radical times of modern motorcycling. Here, as a farewell, a small collection of what I liked more publish.

One of the possibilities that I could just explode land was able to speak and interview people that I truly admire. Keep special affection to the of Ruben Xaus in 2010 (part I and II) when the catalan ran with brand new BMW factory team. We could also contact the fireproof Colin Edwards in his Yamaha Tech3. We even got a Word to Carl Fogarty.

And you know that it is the beauty of Motorpasión motorcycle? There is absolute freedom; can you say what no one dares to say and reply to footballer Valentino Rossi.

Much to talk about with them I liked talking about them. Especially those characters whose stories were not just popular. Geoffrey Duke, Burt Munro, the BSB Tommy Hill and Guy Martin, champion as always took a huequecito to speak of the Tourist Trophy and the dangerous island of the world – and those involved make it more safe -.

The best find this side of the screen is the opportunity to bring more people to the Vice of the motorcycle. For that needed issues that really touch the sensitive vein, arriving from truth and like to read. Among many, I think that the story of Steve Hislop, a Scottish unknown by the general public, is required reading as well as the life of John Britten (part I and II), a type that was about to disrupt the industry motorcyclist with works that are only occur you to an authentic genius.

The evidence was not my thing, but once settled in Vienna if I had the opportunity to make some attempt to big, with four bikes in coup and included video.

But between all the possibilities and responsibilities given to write in an environment like this, I’ll stick with the of to be able to tell your own story without more apparent purpose that the sharing experience to the handlebars of a motorcycle.

A hug to everyone!
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