Flexi-Bar, Toning The Muscles in a Simple Way

The Flexi-Bar It is not nothing more or nothing less than that, a flexible bar 150 cm long made in fibreglass-reinforced plastic and each end has a dumbbell shaped cylinder.

The user must start its rolling and once the Bar starts to move, produces a vibration that generates a reaction in the depths of the muscles.

I.e., the muscles of the back, in the area abdominal and of the pelvic area they work against the rolling or the vibrations of flexible rod.

Rolling and the speed of the same not only digestion and will develop the strength, but it increases metabolism and heart rate.

By allowing the training of the torso through the joint work of the muscles of the back and the abdominal internal oblique and transverse, improves the body posture and with it, prevent aches and pains.

During the constant rolling of the Flexi-Bar body must be stable while you can adopt different positions. For this reason we say that only shake and move the bar already big results.

With the active rolling of bar is tones the deep muscles, that charge hold column spine and above all, prepare the vertebral joints for intervertebral disc.

As well, toning muscles and develop strength, accompanied the caloric expenditure and improvements in the posture that no doubt, result in great benefits to alleviate or prevent multiple ailments.

The flexible bar is a very simple, but its functionality is immense and its remarkable effects. Allows you to exercise in an easy way, but complete and, at the same time, adapt can use a different column or postural problems.

The Flexi-Bar adapts to children, adults, or athletes, and is achieved at a cost that varies, depending on the length, between 60 and 90 euros.

It is a very useful tool to easily exercise our body and improve the posture at the same time that we tonesmos the muscles.