Fishing in the Guaporé River, in the Valley of the Cacharas

There are few rivers in Brazil, famous for its many fishing spots, which have features that stand out from the others, is the topography of the region is by comfortable access to provide fishermen with calmer waters and fish varied sports.

One of these rivers in the North of the country is the Guaporé, a subafluente of the Madeira River, which forms the border of Rondônia State with our neighbouring country, Bolivia. The Guaporé has, to a large extent of your left margin (Bolivian side), a National Park, Noel Park k. market, practically uninhabited, where fishing and hunting are fully protected. With that, despite the relative fishing pressure on the Brazilian side, the rio Guaporé remains still very full of fish, offering opportunities for both scale fish as large leather.

We fished there in hosting at the Inn Valley of Shovelnose. His owner gave him this name precisely the abundance with which this fish fishing, a brave opponent, for a good fight with average equipment. This Inn is quite comfortable, with leisure facilities and swimming pool accommodating fishermen in cabins with air conditioning and private bathroom. Good and varied food, and your fishing package includes: full meals, snacks, beverages (beer, soft drinks and mineral water without limit), boat equipped with Swivel chairs, vests, thermal box, engine, fuel, and good piloteiros. Can be purchased a package that includes decoys (tuviras and others). Anyway, the service is good and very thorough.

The Inn is on the banks of the Guaporé River, and is 174 km from the city of villena, which has daily flights from BLUE company. They provide the transfer, which is included in the package price. A journey through the land of BH until then, on special chartered bus, spends approximately a 40 hours.

Now let’s get down to business, which is talking about fishing on The rio Guaporé in the region has numerous fishing spots, and has two tributaries which can be explored, rivers Cabixi and Lice. We fished there in early June, and the navigation in these two rivers, which are smaller, was quiet. We had a “late cacharas” into the river that was recorded in remembrance Cabixi: the cacharas were really hungry, and a range between five and 6:00 in the afternoon, we caught eight fish, all with about nine pounds or more.

At this time (June) there occur, among other fish, the cacharas, great pirararas, capararis, palmitos, in addition to other fish. Fish also dogs created, apapás (big jumpers), corvinas, traíras. From July onwards, with the waters in the box, if they take too many Peacock bass, though not very big.

The rio Guaporé can’t stay off the list of fishermen fishing destinations. A beautiful River, with plenty of fish, with a good hosting site and experienced service, piloteiros can only bring joy to the companions.