First Camp: Testing Equipment and Basic Checklist

As I stated earlier, the camping absolutely is not a cheap way to do tourism, although this possibility if necessary. In the same way as any hobby equipment can be found since cheap as extremely modern and expensive. Whatever price is necessary to a good Conference and a previous test of new acquisitions.

The issues of this column are closely linked to the so-called “planning”. Don’t be surprised if you feel a child counting the hours for your next trip. The most experienced and camping enthusiasts feel that way regardless of age or experience. This is the main purpose of camping: recreation, passion, rest and sport.


Testing Some Equipment

Before your first camping trip or the premiere of newly acquired equipment, it’s time to take tests, assessments and verifications. Anything to avoid a frustration to get in your first camp (or on first use) and realize that they’re not complete. For example, if you refuse the tent sticks and she even this shall stand or inflatable mattress is stuck.


In the case of the first camp the first thing to do is to test your new tent. Is new or borrowed, find a place to mount it. Drag the furniture of the room or take the car out of the garage. Of course you will not be able to stretch her sobreteto, but you can assemble the structure (rods) and position the fabrics to check the entire operation. Get all your questions before you get on the road and especially check that all items are present. They are:

-Rails (hardware)-Structure

-Floor + bedrooms (usually internal fabric Cloths).

-Sobreteto (usually of nylon or canvas)

-Espeques (Instrumental)

-Strings and straps to tighten the tent.

After that check your other equipment:

-SLEEPING BAG: Test. Between inside him. Experience the internal temperature and comfort. Don’t forget to save it in its own bag made of nylon, it slips well and helps to guard.

-PAD: Open and check if it is in good condition. Don’t try to sleep on it one night. There is a gross difference in sleep in a cot in the routine at home and vibe of a camp.

-INSULATION: if old, check to see if is not brittle. If you are bent over, flip it for a while and then wrap it with the top off so that your weight in using force to get stretched.

-INFLATABLE MATTRESS: Important inflate it and check if there are no leaks. Dust and mold are great enemies of them. To deflate at home, use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the internal air. In this way you will learn how the magic of the factory to get the mattress in that little box. The camping will not have cleaner… but in the market for reverse function chucks exactly for this purpose.

-FLASHLIGHT: Check the batteries and the functioning of the lamps or LEDs.

-LAMP: use to learn how to install the “shirt” and light it.

-STOVE: Check the functioning and the gas. Enjoy and experience the best pan or mug to take on her trip.

Now look at all your junk and imagine yourself camping… and think about which objects and belongings to take and which need to be checked. Always make use of a list (of paper or on your smartphone) in their planning.


Basic Checklist Trip

Possession of the aforementioned equipment it’s time to think about a checklist for your trip.

It is obvious that for each person will be a different list of things to be taken for the first trip, but this text seeks to uncover useful and common possessions to help the new camper to build your list of needs. Feed your list over time and always make use of it.

First check what clothes will take depending on the type of climate. If it is hot, take a shirt and pants for cold. If cold, take something if warm. Don’t forget underwear, socks and clothing to sleep. Don’t forget bath towel, hat and shoes and slippers. Bathing suit even in case of being inside. A cloth to clean may be very useful not only to dry your stuff or your sneakers in case of rain, but to dry the equipment in time to save. Cloth to dry the Cookware too.

Your personal hygiene products are indispensable. Toothbrush, toothpaste, SOAP (liquid is very useful on camping), shampoo, comb/brush, cotton buds and even some healing items. Work on “jewel case” and choose destampem products (and shed) with ease. Women don’t forget to your personal hygiene and the men of the beard. Insect repellent is necessary for many people. Sunscreen is very important.

ATTENTION: Never forget toilet paper. It was on the fingers the campsites that offer this item in the bathroom.

For the part of kitchen and adventures, don’t forget a pen knife, cutlery, salt, sugar, glass, flasks, dishes, pot, lighter. Although we food cans easy to open, make sure you take a can opener. A Swiss army knife has can openers, bottles and even a good wine. Mild detergent and luffa operculata to wash their utensils. Don’t forget a mini padlock to lock the zipper the tent.

Never forget your part before the waste. Always take your rubbish away and it takes little bags. Following a mini kit for special needs enter strings, small tools, tape, duct tape, etc.

If you’re plugged into technology, don’t forget your camera, batteries and Chargers, GPS, cellular and those other things you can’t live without. Despite all this, never fail to bring a pad and pen… they don’t fail when there is a power failure.

This checklist is not complete. And never would be. Each person has your own checklist. It is constructed throughout his life of camper and always revised and changed according to your experiences. So the key to this step is: the record.


In the next column we’ll cover the other items in the series first camp:

-Choosing A Camping

-Planning your Trip