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Fenix Camping and Tent Supply (2004, China)

Fenix Light





Brand facts:

  • Fenix is a world leading brand manufacturing outdoor sports lighting products including flashlights, headlamps, bike lights, camping lantern and other must have.

Fenix Camping and Tent Supply (2004, China)

  • They insist on the concept of “Improvement roots from dissatisfaction”, striving to create the best quality products with high efficiency for people to camp outside.


Main Categories:

Flashlights, headlamps, bike lights, camping lantern, accessories



Time and place: 2004, China

Early products: flashlight


Headquarter Location:
Shenzhen, China


Store Locations:

China and worldwide


New Arrivals:



Price Range:

Lights & lanterns: USD23-USD112.63


Official Website: