Excess Muscle Can Pass Us Invoice

Soccer fans, have read, heard and seen gestures of pain and contorted face of Ronaldo, Brazilian of Milan, former striker of the Madrid and Barcelona which suffered an patellar tendon rupture left leg.

Get out the multiple studies and voices are raised stating, or rather wondering if the preparation of the high level athletes may cause it to explode too their bodies to bring them to points on which his own muscle is a double-edged weapon both rivals for the same.

Has spoken of how tight their schedules and lack of rest, to the amendments made to the equipment and facilities (balls, footwear, grip tacos, playing surfaces…) even to travel.

However, fashion develop a percentage of muscle mass becoming increasingly more powerful they have a direct impact on the strength and the power of the athlete but which make work much more to a few tendons that are not accustomed to them.

Tendons anchored to the bone muscle avoiding groups and these cannot develop. They still have the same strength and same thickness as with less developed muscles that make them work less.
The odds that these cords are already broken by an envelope effort or simple wear and tear, they increase when more muscle have.

It is believed that in the case of the footballer, break could be triggered by a strain in the quadriceps, well-developed.

The scientific explanation says that when muscle is very powerful and makes an explosive character, power that has runs out very quickly, so, When you have to make another workload, the musculature is weakened and moved all the tension (turns, of races, jumps…) to the tendons that may eventually give way to much.

Hence the importance of ir interspersed with exercises that help us increase the power but balance it with work of resistance that do not overload our tendons, reducing the risk of injury.