Electro-Stimulation, an Ideal Complement to The Training

The electro-stimulation or neuromuscular electrical stimulation (EEN) It is a therapy that has evolved greatly in recent decades. It consists in inducing the contraction of the muscle fiber in artificial way through the creation of a difference of potential between electrodes of surface. This potential difference, It stimulates the motor nerve which, in turn, makes it on the associated motor plates and play with total fidelity the voluntary muscle contraction.

We must emphasize the big difference between this type of stimulation with the microcurrents used traditionally in physiotherapy. The latter are of very high frequency and its Foundation are derived from Kotz studies at the beginning of century.

Most important aspects to take into account:

a) Not all the instruments of electrostimulation are equal. Use only those with the European certification CE label and who are accredited as medical devices.
b) EEN is not a substitute for training but an ideal complement to download tensions, continue the training periods of fatigue, enhance the agonist muscles or prevent injuries.
c) Several sessions are necessary to notice results. In addition, sessions must meet the same training guidelines, if they are not sufficiently intense, will not have any results.
d) EEN does not burn fat Since this is a non-estimulable tissue. However, it stimulates the burning of calories contributing indirectly. Simply put, the EEN is not effective because one would need to be ‘plugged-in’ all day to notice results.
e) Not all electro-stimulation devices are just as effective. This should be a generator of constant current with balanced and symmetrical, rectangular impulses with programs calibrated according to precise frequencies (from 1 to 120 Hz) and a cronaxias or pulse width preset (from 30 to 450 microseconds). The frequency of stimulation is related to the type of muscle fiber that we want to work and the chronaxie with specific muscle that we are stimulating.
f) It is necessary to study the programme planning to understand their applications.
g) Constant training is necessary to master the pain threshold and personal thresholds.
h) EEN does not provide any cardiovascular improvement Since it acts directly on the muscle fiber and does not produce an increase in heart rate.
(i) there risk groups that need special care: pregnant women, people with pacemakers or heart disease, impaired peripheral circulation, etc.