Does The Training Agenda in The Abdominal Muscles?

Occasionally mentioned order must be the most logical kinds of toning training to get the best possible performance at the level of “toning” and burning calories, but… Is it also interesting to maintain a consistent order in our abdominal workout? You can already imagine the response, so we immediately proceed to tell you how we can improve it and become the local version of Darek…

1º ALWAYS the abdominal trasverso and activation pelvic floor: In this case, specialists choose to first contract the pelvic floor (even the easiest to forget) and then go through to abdominal exercises. If you are not a specialist in Pilates and the like and your trasverso not all how strong that I should… starts here!!!!

2º Lower portion of the rectus abdominis. The most difficult part of activate, in my opinion, of all abdominal training. Here we will have to begin earlier than the other muscles of the abdomen and even provide training on days that we do not have overloaded other groups as buttocks, flexors of the hip or isqueotibiales, since they are involved in many exercises as stabilizers.

On the other hand, we will choose to movements of pelvic retroversion as the best option for the training of the lower portion of the rectus abdominis.

3º Oblique: Controlled, strong trunk rotation movements (eye, classic spins with stick are contraindicated by many experts) as well as stabilization and isometric exercises will be our best choice.

4º Upper portion of the Anterior rectum: The reason is similar to the training of shoulder: involved in lot of movements in our session by what should not exhaust them before time.