Do You Swell Up Muscles When We Do Weights?

Surely you noticed when you go to the gym than at the end of a series of repetitions with considerable weight, your muscles are slightly swollen and it appears that suddenly we’ve been super strong. This can be explained and is basically pure and hard, physiology is due to the accumulation of fluid in the area because the heart beats faster due to stress.

To start the exercise takes place basically two things: the heart increases your heart rate to send more blood to the muscle and blood pressure rises to accommodate greater amount of blood arteries. Contract the muscles they put pressure on the arteries and this extra stress makes that he ejects water that is around the muscle compartments and is what gives the sensation of swelling.

This pressure also makes the veins bring to the skin, so it is normal to notice our veins very sharp to carry out our routine of weightlifting. Everything is due to this increase in blood in the circulatory system and the increase of tension, is not that suddenly your muscles have grown.

This effect tends to give in to the half-hour or the hour stop train, that right thing is do something aerobic exercise or stretching at the end with weights to re-establish normal circulation. After that blood pressure is normal the fluid surrounding muscle again he and muscle size seems to has dwindled.

This is a curious effect, after making a series of weights, it is normal to see people look in the mirror of the gym believing that his muscle is really growing. For that you have to have patience, rest and good food, as we know these things are going slowly and they don’t get in a day.