The US state Colorado is located in the western United States and is characterized by the Rocky Mountains, prairie and desert landscapes as well as numerous rivers and lakes.

Colorado is one of the “Rocky Mountain States” and at 2,073 m it is the highest state in the USA. Its nickname is “State of the Century”, since Colorado was founded 100 years after the United States declared independence in 1876. The Rocky Mountains and the Colorado, Rio Grande and Arkansas rivers are characteristic of the landscape. Extensive ski areas, steppe and desert landscapes, narrow-gauge railways and Indian art are also part of Colorado. The top ten cities of Colorado areĀ Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, Lakewood, Thornton, Arvada, Westminster, Pueblo, and Centennial.

Colorado State Bird and Flower

Colorado Rockies

Geographically, Colorado is one of the western states. In the western and central part, the country is characterized by the mountain ranges of the southern Rocky Mountains and their eastern foothills. Together these mountain ranges form the Colorado Rockies with more than fifty peaks with a height of over 4,000 m. In the west, the Rockies end before the state border of Utah and merge into the Colorado Plateau which extends into Arizona. The entire continental divide, in which the major rivers Colorado, Rio Grande and Arkansas have their headwaters, runs through the area.

Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park is northwest of Boulder and the capital, Denver. The year-round open and well-visited park is popular because of its views of the Rocky Mountains and its diverse flora and fauna. This national park is home to most of Colorado’s 2,183 natural lakes. The Great Plains are a seemingly endless steppe landscape that runs through the center of the USA and thus also through this state. Starting clockwise, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona form the quadrangle with which all four states meet on the Colorado Plateau. The continental climate brings warm and sometimes hot summers as well as cold and snowy winters. There can be clearly noticeable temperature differences between day and night.

Colorado – an economically strong state

Colorado is one of the high-income and economically successful states in the USA. Agriculture is strongly represented with cattle, sheep and beef cattle breeding. Alfalfa, fruit, corn, wheat, sugar beet, potatoes and wine are grown. The industrial and service sectors are also well positioned. Companies from the high-tech sector and research are strongly represented. The mined mineral resources include copper, gold, silver, uranium, iron, petroleum and precious stones.

Largest Counties in Colorado by Area

According to Countryaah, the biggest counties in Colorado are listed as below:

Ranking County Area
1 Las Animas County 12,363 km2
2 Moffat County 12,318 km2
3 Weld County 10,396 km2
4 Mesa County 8,665 km2
5 Gunnison County 8,441 km2
6 Rio Blanco County 8,356 km2
7 Saguache County 8,206 km2
8 Garfield County 7,662 km2
9 Larimer County 6,816 km2
10 Lincoln County 6,696 km2
11 Baca County 6,626 km2
12 Washington County 6,534 km2
13 Pueblo County 6,208 km2
14 Yuma County 6,137 km2
15 Routt County 6,118 km2
16 Montrose County 5,818 km2
17 Park County 5,722 km2
18 Kit Carson County 5,601 km2
19 El Paso County 5,513 km2
20 Montezuma County 5,273 km2
21 Grand County 4,839 km2
22 Elbert County 4,789 km2
23 Logan County 4,779 km2
24 Kiowa County 4,625 km2
25 Cheyenne County 4,615 km2
26 Eagle County 4,405 km2
27 La Plata County 4,404 km2
28 Prowers County 4,261 km2
29 Jackson County 4,195 km2
30 Huerfano County 4,124 km2
31 Bent County 3,991 km2
32 Fremont County 3,971 km2
33 Archuleta County 3,508 km2
34 Morgan County 3,351 km2
35 San Miguel County 3,343 km2
36 Conejos County 3,342 km2
37 Otero County 3,283 km2
38 Costilla County 3,184 km2
39 Adams County 3,062 km2
40 Delta County 2,977 km2
41 Hinsdale County 2,909 km2
42 Dolores County 2,789 km2
43 Chaffee County 2,627 km2
44 Pitkin County 2,513 km2
45 Rio Grande County 2,365 km2
46 Mineral County 2,274 km2
47 Douglas County 2,182 km2
48 Arapahoe County 2,083 km2
49 Crowley County 2,073 km2
50 Jefferson County 2,002 km2
51 Boulder County 1,918 km2
52 Custer County 1,915 km2
53 Alamosa County 1,873 km2
54 Phillips County 1,783 km2
55 Summit County 1,603 km2
56 Teller County 1,447 km2
57 Sedgwick County 1,421 km2
58 Ouray County 1,405 km2
59 Clear Creek County 1,027 km2
60 San Juan County 1,007 km2
61 Lake County 993 km2
62 City and County of Denver 403 km2
63 Gilpin County 389 km2
64 City and County of Broomfield 87 km2


The 4,300 meter high Pikes Peak can be found nearby. It is one of 53 mountains that are over 14,000 feet high in Colorado. We recommend going up the mountain with the highest rack railway in the world. From April to December it goes all the way to the summit. You can travel 16 kilometers with this train for about 3 hours and during that time you will catch your breath. The view is amazing.

Location: State: Colorado, County: El Paso County

Population: approx. 420,000

Area: 482.1 kmĀ²

Nickname: The Springs

Cultural / Museums: Colorado Springs Museum, Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum, Ghost Town Museum

Sights: The Garden of the Gods, US Air Force Academy, Red Rock Canyon

Hotels: The Boadmoor, The Academy Hotel Colorado Springs, The Lodge at Garden of the Gods Club

Famous People (Locals / Residents): Kelly Bishop (actress), Tom Hamilton (bassist for the rock band Aerosmith), Talcott Parson (sociologist), Matt Darriau (musician), Bobby Lashley (wrestler)