Coastal Fishing With Turn Signals on Cod

With the small boat or directly from the coast, in the flat shore regions of the Baltic Sea to cod to fishing, worth in the autumn months with…

Blinkern especially to put the cod to tackle. As with the falling water temperatures implicate the CODs in the flat areas of the Baltic Sea. There, the fish have plenty of food on crab, herring and other small fish to eat.

The predators are to catch, especially good where is the ground with stones and with herb in water depths from three to six meters.

With heavy dishes close to sea fishing or jigging with a rubber fish is not recommended, as the hook with herbaceous vegetation are flawed. Sea trout indicators are better in different versions. The bait should be rapidly carried above ground where also the Cod. Inserted then regular spinning stops that greatly increased the chances of cod bite.

Because the water of the Baltic Sea is clearer in the autumn, to use indicators with wider sheet (shades of silver, copper-black, red-black and red-yellow), which bounce maddeningly and rather perceived by the Cod.

Proposal equipment boat or Küstenspinnfischen on cod: A 2.70 up 3.00 metres long and not too soft Spinning Rod (casting weight 50 g), 3000 to 4000 stationary role, capacity braided Schnur 6 to 8 kg, monofilament leader 1 to 1.5 m (thickness 0, 40 mm).