Oman Culture and Traditions
Oman Culture

As a country beginning with letter O listed on, Oman is a state of Southwest Asia (309,500 km²). Capital: Muscat (Masqaţ). Administrative division: regions (5), governorates (3). Population: 2,909,000 residents (2008 estimate). Language: Arabic (official), English. Religion: Muslims (Ibadi) 73.6%, Sunni Muslims 14.1%, Hindus 7.4%, Christians 3.7%, others 1.2%. Monetary unit: Omani rial (1,000 […]

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Sights in Turkish Riviera
Voyage Sorgun Beach

The Turkish Riviera is the name given to the southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey between the resorts of Kemer in the west and Alanya in the east. The destination airport for this wonderful travel destination is usually Antalya. Other important vacation spots are Belek and Side. The area is particularly popular with travelers because of […]

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