Rules of Conduct for Bear Contact
Rules of Conduct for Bear Contact

In general, the bear avoids people. If he has a chance to avoid humans, the bear will do so too. Therefore, you should appreciate the encounter with a bear in the wild as an extraordinary event and do not need to fear a bear attack. Always remember, bears don’t like surprises. If you are out […]

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Migration Currents to Brazil
Migration to Brazil

Of the approximately 6 million immigrants received by Brazil, 70% were of Portuguese, Spanish and Italian origin. Among the others, Germans (Germans), Slavs (Russians, Poles and Ukrainians) and Asians (Japanese and Syrian-Lebanese) stood out. The arrival of Portuguese people was more or less continuous since the 16th century, but immigrants of other nationalities, as a […]

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Sightseeing in Azores
Sete Citades lake in the Azores

The people of the Azores are not exactly happy when it is said of their islands that they are “at the end of the world”. The inhabitants of the energetic archipelago see it completely differently. For them, this region is something very special, even if their national home is distant Portugal. They proudly point out […]

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Sights in Cancun
View over the beach of Cancun

With its white sandy beaches and diverse tourist infrastructure, Cancun is one of the hotspots for tourists in Mexico. The city and the Yucatán peninsula are shaped by a unique natural landscape, paradisiacal beaches and countless opportunities to get to know the Mayan culture. Most of the hotels are located in the Zona Hotelera, which […]

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Washington State Outline
Washington State Bird and Flower

Washington State is located in the northwest of the United States and borders the states of Oregon and Idaho as well as Canada to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the west. It covers an area of more than 180,000 km² and has around 7.5 million residents (as of 2018). The capital of Washington […]

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South Dakota State Outline
South Dakota State Bird and Flower

South Dakota, Coyote State, is the 19th largest state in the United States and is bordered by North Dakota to the north, Minnesota and Iowa to the east, Nebraska to the south, and Wyoming and Montana to the east. The Missouri River forms part of the southeastern border. The capital is Pierre with around 13,000 […]

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Hawaii State Outline
Hawaii State Bird and Flower

Hawaii is a chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean. The archipelago belongs to the Polynesian cultural area and is the 50th state in the United States. Hawaii is a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean. Politically, Hawaii is part of the United States. However, Polynesian culture is ubiquitous. The capital is Honolulu – […]

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Indiana State Outline
Indiana State Bird and Flower

The state of Indiana in the midwest is known for its vast landscapes and for its annual Indianapolis 500 car race. Indiana is the 19th state of the USA, the capital and largest city of the low-urbanization region is Indianapolis. The state of Indiana is located south of Lake Michigan and the state of Michigan, […]

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Illinois State Outline
Illinois State Bird and Flower

About 12 million people live in Illinois, the Land of Lincoln. Illinois is also home to Chicago, the third largest metropolis in the USA. Illinois belongs to the so-called Great Lakes Region in northeast North America, which stretches from the USA to Canada. About 12 million people live in the US state, only California, Texas, […]

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Idaho State Outline
Idaho State Bird and Flower

Despite abundant natural resources, the rural and sparsely populated Idaho is one of the economically weakest states in the USA. Idaho is a US state. It is located in the northwest of the country, the largest city and capital of the state is Boise. Idaho borders the states of Oregon, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Washington […]

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Georgia State Outline
Alabama State Bird and Flower

Georgia is a state in the USA, the capital Atlanta is very well known internationally. Find out more about the history and geography of the US state here. Georgia is a state in the United States of America. It is located in the southeast of the country and was founded in 1732. Georgia was the […]

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Florida State Outline
Florida State Bird and Flower

Florida is a state in the United States of America. Florida is also known as the ‘Sunshine State’. Florida is the most southeastern state in the United States and has a population of around 21.3 million (as of 2018). The area is about 170,000 km². The capital Tallahassee is in the far north near the […]

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Delaware State Outline
Delaware State Bird and Flower

Delaware is a US state. Not only is it part of the Thirteen Colonies, but the first state to ratify the American Constitution. Delaware is the second smallest state in the United States of America. It is located on the east coast and is characterized by a landscape with numerous forests and rivers. The nickname […]

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Connecticut State Outline
Connecticut State Bird and Flower

The third smallest state in the USA is one of the 13 states that declared their independence from the British motherland in July 1776. Connecticut is a federal state in the northeastern United States. The capital is called Hartford. The name of the state goes back to the Indian word “quinnehtukqut”, which means “place on […]

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Colorado State Outline
Colorado State Bird and Flower

The US state Colorado is located in the western United States and is characterized by the Rocky Mountains, prairie and desert landscapes as well as numerous rivers and lakes. Colorado is one of the “Rocky Mountain States” and at 2,073 m it is the highest state in the USA. Its nickname is “State of the […]

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California State Outline
California State Bird and Flower

California is the third largest state in the United States with a population of over 39 million. The capital of California is Sacramento. California is one of the states of the United States of America. The state has the largest population of all and is the third largest in area after Alaska and Texas. California […]

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Arkansas State Outline
Arkansas State Bird and Flower

Arkansas, once part of France and Spain, has been the 25th state in the United States since 1836. Arkansas ranks at the bottom of the 50 states in terms of wealth and gross domestic product per capita. The state of Arkansas with its capital Little Rock is located in the southern United States of America […]

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Arizona State Outline
Arizona State Bird and Flower

Arizona is considered the home of the world-famous Grand Canyon National Park. This is one of the reasons why the southern state is often called Grand Canyon State. Arizona, the sixth largest state in the USA, is best known for its canyon and desert-rich landscape in the southwestern United States. The US state has more […]

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Alaska State Outline
Alaska State Bird and Flower

Alaska, the largest state in the USA, is located in the extreme northwest of the American continent and impresses above all with its almost untouched natural landscape. Alaska is in the far northwest of North America. The US state extends over 1,717,854 km². Alaska is not only the largest state in the USA in terms […]

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Alabama State Outline
Alabama State Bird and Flower

Alabama is the 30th state in the USA and is located in the southeast on the Gulf of Mexico. Alabama is the 30th US state and is located in the southeastern United States. The state is one of the southern states of the USA. Around five million people live in an area of 135,765 km². […]

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