The beautifully situated Cape Breton Highlands National Park is in the Canadian Nova Scotia Province. The park is located in the north of Cape Breton Island. It got its name from the plateau located there Cape Breton Highlands.

When driving on the Cabot Trail, which runs through part of the National parks, one experiences the impressive landscapes and can enjoy a breathtaking view of the ocean and the adjacent mountains. The Cape Breton Highlands National Park is the first national park of the ancient provinces of Canada.

Landscape of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park

In the western part of the park area is the village of Ch├ęticamp. Here visitors will find an information center about the park and its entire complex. The village of Ingonian is famous, a picturesque town on a white sandy beach. Like in a picture book, a landscape of waterfalls, mountains, valleys, forests and a rocky coast with tundra-like highlands stretches out here. The influence of the ancient ocean is unmistakable here.

Animals of the park Various large mammal species

live in the park. Among other things, moose, black bears and whales can be found here. The bald eagle is represented here with a strong population. The northern gannets enjoy numerous visitors. They are very popular and can be seen from the coastal hiking trail. The rare Bicknell’s Thrush lives in the forests of the area. Plants of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Mainly boreal forests thrive here. These are located on the high plateau, because in this area they find the optimal climate for their growth. In autumn, the entire forest area appears like a colorful carpet of stains. The colored deciduous trees blend beautifully with the evergreen trees. This creates a beautiful play of colors. Autumn is also called Indian Summer.

Free time in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park A

visit to the national park promises a lot of variety. In addition to the beautifully laid out hiking trails that run through the entire area, there are various other activities and options on the program. The visitor will certainly not get bored. Here he has the choice between Bike tours, boat trips, swimming and fishing. There is plenty of space for a lot of camping enthusiasts on the beautiful campsite. Geocoaching has also been available since 2009. This is an interesting way to learn more about nature, the landscape, and the history and evolution of the earth.
The Highlands Links Golf Course offers courses for golfers and those who are already proficient in this sport can of course golf here.

Incidents in the park It should be clear

that particular caution is required on an excursion in a national park. The wild animals are not pets and so is the area no petting zoo. Despite various safety precautions and regulations, incidents can happen again and again. Most recently, 19-year-old Canadian singer Taylor Mitchell was fatally injured in an attack by coyotes on October 27, 2009. She was on a hike on the Skyline Trail.
Despite this tragic accident, the operation and tourist development of the area continues. You are warned about these incidents and should always be on your guard, but you have to say that the animals are usually very shy of people and, apart from a few croissants, keep away from the hiking trails and visitors. As a guest, keep your distance from the wild animals and watch them from a certain minimum distance.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park