Camping is Something that Enters the Soul and Live There Forever

Camping is something that comes into the soul. No matter if in the form of family tourism or adventure. Being well informed for the first experience, definitely will become unforgettable with like “I want more”.

Camping, tourism of high degree of contact with nature, absolutely not a cheap way to travel and a lifestyle. Perhaps the only form of shelter on expeditions on foot becomes also the form of rest, protection, and also of contemplation of nature seen from inside your safe haven: your House, inserted into the context.


Mountaineering, climbing, or simply take the adventure sports in your intimate campsite as a form of home and even though something by purpose, ends up following practice the same rituals, equipment mounting and handling techniques.

The family camping is also very present in the Brazilian tourist scene since the late 1960. Due to lack of tourist facilities or not this had your climax in the years 1970 and 1980 having fallen over the next two decades for several reasons. Currently this format again WINS in their two main forms:nomadic Camping (tents) and Carvanismo (Trailers, Motor Homes, Campers and trailers-tent). All are widely treated the next subjects of this column.



The family Campsite provides a free tourism as “backpacking”, where the individual depends on less than packages and reservations and can remain or change of destination at will. Promotes a healthy childhood amid other human beings, where there are no walls or barriers separatórias and the child learns to consider another space just by regard. Choose and plan your excursions and also has an unmatched cordiality among its practitioners who are always open to help and inform.

Camping is 1 1 passion contracted. Enters the blood. Promotes pleasures, awakens desires and conquering frontiers … and lives in the soul.