Calisthenics: for Body Shaping and Developing Physical Strength

Gymnastics calisthenics It exists since a long time ago, but it was somewhat relegated in the 1980s due to its peculiarities and the erroneous belief that was destined for lack of fitness.

However, it is currently returning to take center stage and are increasingly the followers of this type of gymnastics that also left behind mechanical and repetitive movements to adapt to different musical rhythms, soft and pleasant.

Calisthenics is defined as a set of exercises that focus their interest in movements of muscle groups, more than power and effort, with the ultimate goal of developing the agility, the physical strength and the flexibility.

Trying to achieve the increased muscle contraction and the body to acquire proper alignment, since it allows so, shape the body, improve posture and define a good body contouring.

In classes is an entry in heat and then implemented a series of exercises with a high number of repetitions each, with emphasis on the arms, abdomen, buttocks and legs.

Is emphasized, not at work, but how to do it, thinking of every movement, in the muscles being worked and if the position is correct.

This method of exercise impact favorably on the posture and body shape, greatly reducing the risk of injury is also diminished by the absence of leaps, rebounds and impacts.

I.e., realized stretching, localized works and the return to calm has a very important role during calisthenics classes.

Thus, the calisthenics combines techniques from various points, including: dance, yoga, martial arts, conscious gymnastics and the stretching.

The method and techniques used during a calisthenics class make this activity suitable for all audiences, since there are no age limits, and even the physiotherapists recommend the calisthenics in pathologies such as scoliosis, herniated disc or knee problems.

The fact of not causing impact on the joints and allow body shaping, tone it and align it at the same time, has been one of the reasons why people choose these kinds.

Put the body in motion, improved posture, toning muscle groups and take care of the joints may be the reasons that you routed towards the practice of calisthenics. A good alternative to diversify our training?