Beware of Reach Muscle Failure

Reaching muscle failure is a resource used and spoken in the gym. In bodybuilding, it means make a series and reach the last repetition without hardly complete, i.e. fatigue the muscle so that it fails and not it is capable of finishing the repetition.

According to the theory, the muscular failure helps build more muscle because much tissue is destroyed and then they supercompensa creating more. But the reality is different, the reality is that This method is very aggressive and injurious, and you have to restrict its use rarely, and always to people already underway in the world of bodybuilding.

I.e., if you haven’t started making little to punish you in the gym, not you obsessions with reach muscle failure in all series. Wait a little build your muscles before training them greatly with this method.

Muscle failure means as we said destruction of tissue, and if the muscle is not strong enough that the next day would be a simple stiffness may develop in tears, tendonitis, and injury very serious.

Sometimes it’s best to ignore the comments that are made in the gym, which tend to be very trained people. We must be realistic and adapt the training to the possibilities of each, without haste but without pausing, that everything comes.