Avoiding Back Pains to The Sit-Ups

The abdominal they are a part of the body more controversy creates us in training them, which is that there are many doubts arising to us in this regard. In the majority of cases we usually complain about normal routines we damaged back, because exercises too much influence in this part of the body. This is so crucial that we bear in mind some of the exercises that most damage can do behind.

The bad execution of exercises, or do not know how to choose a routine appropriate to our level and physical strength tend to be the main problems presented to us at the time of performing abdominal. This in the long run we can take its toll and make back will suffer, for this reason it is advisable that if we notice discomfort when performing our abdominal routine put aside certain exercises considered to be a risk for the column.

First of all we must know that the correct execution of exercises is essential to avoid back pain. We have to concentrate on the machined part, since she must be to which hold all the exercise stress. When this does not occur, it is because we are not training as we or the movement is not adequate. Sow it is advisable to perform exercises in which back is does not involve too much, since we must concentrate all the strength in the abdominal part.

One of the usual in this to damage the back are the abdominal muscles which are made in inclined bench with the subject feet. Normally the tour that we carry out is too long and the lumbar back part, is involved since some of the pressure will focus on this area to go up and down the trunk. A good choice for working the upper abdominals is placing us lying face up on the floor with legs elevated and lift the trunk to touch the legs with the abdominals to propel us. It is not necessary to take off the back of the ground or bend it, since simply suffice to concentrate all the thrust in the abdominal part.

The same happens with a classic, ‘the frog kick’. Many people perform her supporting hands in the soil, but others do it without support. When run in this way, much of the tension focuses on the lumbar part, because it is necessary to maintain the balance. This tends to make that not all the effort focuses on the abdominal part, so it is preferable to do so with hands resting on the ground and concentrating the most on the part of the abdomen.

The same is true with the exercises involving trunk lift, Since we tend to place the hands behind the neck forcing the neck to bend. This simple movement made little by little damage to the cervical area. To avoid this it is advisable to not put the hands after nape, but have them be put beside the ears or on the chest. That Yes, we always try to keep the spine straight to avoid an overstrain of this and hurt us.