At The Time of Train The Muscle, Which Is More Advisable, Amount or Intensity?

Many of us often wonder what is the most effective when it comes to training our muscles and the kind of routine that we must follow to achieve our goals. It is here where entering a dilemma that we will try to solve from HowStuffWorks.

The type of training to be followed has to rely on the results we want to obtain. It is not the same search increase muscle volume and grow, that maintain our current state and even define our muscles. For both decisions there are some principles to keep in mind when training and carry out our routine. And here is where enter the eternal discussion of carrying out a training qualitative or quantitative.

Many of us tend to fall into the trap that many more repetitions you carry out of one muscle group will grow. This is not true, as this type of training you get is a greater wear and a higher burning calories eliminating fat from that muscle. It is a good way of keeping our physical form and even losing weight. Never get it.

This type of training in which the exercises consist of 4 or 5 sets of 12 to 15 reps with low weight, are highly recommended in people who want to keep your fitness, lose weight or anyone who wants to make the muscles After periods of muscle growth. This type of routine wears more our muscles, so you should be especially careful in that use, which must be low weight.

Conversely, another alternative to our training is to follow routines in which the intensity in training the muscle either the predominant trend. This type of routine focuses on one concentration of force in the worked muscle. Takes cano by people who want to get a muscle growth and develops in the following way. Fewer exercises are done by training session, and run 3-4 sets of 10, 8, 6 and 6 reps gradually with weight gain in each series.

This form of training is more intensive and muscle will be the limit with the constant increase in weight, so we force you to play an extra effort that will lead to future growth. It is important that between series and serial rest environment a minute, because the muscle should always be well oxygenateddo if what we want is to grow. The exercises must be slow and well carried out focusing on the muscle that we are working.

The decision is now each one of us, depending on the physical form we want we must choose one or other form of muscle training. Although the ideal to have a harmonious body is to alternate times in which the training is more intensive, and others which will be lighter but with a greater number of repetitions.